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Naughty Bedtime Stories - The Tiger Man

Naughty Bedtime Stories - The Tiger Man

Naughty Bedtime Stories - The Tiger Man

By Ekaterina Mironova

My wife (Jenna) and I are your average late thirties couple with two exceptions. The first is that we don't have any children which was not by design and the second is that we are swingers. We enjoy are freedom and love to experiment sexually. We have been successful and my wife is still very attractive. She is 5'8 with short blond hair, deep blue eyes and a great shape. I'm 6'5 with red hair and green eyes and we both work out at the gym. Jenna wanted to try a new Mexican restaurant in town.

We went to the restaurant and it was packed so we decided to go the the bar. You could hardly move as it was so crowded. If fact, the guy next to us, knocked over his beer. He apologized and offered to buy us a round. He introduced himself as Vic and his wife as Lily. Vic was an average sized guy probably 5'10. Lilly was a small petite Asian woman probably 5 foot The conversation was very lite but both had a great sense of humor so they were very easy to talk to. Since it was so crowded, we decided to take the first available and it was a table for four. We asked Lil and Vic to join us.

During dinner, the conversation turned to business. Vic stated that he was in real estate and Lil was an office manager from an importing firm. I turned to her and said that sound interesting. She said that it was interesting but rather cut throat at times. Vic laughed, my wife is underestimating herself and it fact she is very aggressive.. She is known as the tiger in the office. Jenna said no way this tiny woman can be a tiger". Lil smiled, yes it is true, I can be a tiger. Vic chimed in, don't let her size fool you, she can bring anyone to their knees. The booze was going down very smooth. Jenna suggested that we go back to our place for some more drinks.

We went back to our place as Vic and I started drinking scotch and the woman were drinking wine. Vic and I watched the fight on TV while the woman were talking at the bar in our living room.

After the fight, we can back into the living room and Lil said" you do what?" Jenna said, yes we are swingers. We enjoy having sex with other people. She continued it is not cheating because the partner is the other room doing the same thing. It is a way to release all my tensions. It is a great feeling of having other man's dick inside of me. Red and I love each other very much but it a way spice up our marriage. Lil started laughing very hard, she said you have met two square pegs in Vic and I. In fact, I'm a 30 something woman who has never touched or seen another man's dick other than Vic's. In fact, I have not seen his dick for the past two years. She said, you see Vic has had erection problems for the past two years. We tried all kinds of pills and various types of role-play but nothing seem to work. I guess about a year ago, we stopped trying and we both buried ourselves in work. The expression on Jenna's face was one of disbelieve and she walked over and gave her a hug. Lil wiped the tear from her eye, it is not so bad, I don't miss it but you knew that was a lie. To be honest, I felt very bad to Vic. No guy wants to hear his erection problem being discussed with strangers. My wife who had been taking some psychology courses at the community college, said she heard that in certain cases, the man can be aroused if something out of the ordinary happens. The situation will allow the man to be aroused.

I looked at Jenna, oh honey what are you talking about? She said remember CC and Bill.

I just shook by head. Jenna turned to Lil, Are you guys desperate enough to try something? She said, once you started, you can not turn back and don't ask any questions. Lil looked at Vic, I'm desperate and horny enough to try anything.

Jenna took Lil's hand and walked over to Vic. Jenna took off Vic's shirt and then removed the rest of his clothing. There was poor Vic standing there soft as can be. Okay Lil, take off your clothes and I will take off mine. Within in seconds, Vic had two woman completely naked and there was no sign of any life. Jenna told Lil to go sit over to the couch and her and Vic walked over the other couch. She had Vic sit down and she proceeded to sit on his lap. She began rubbing his balls. I took off my shirt and walked over towards Lil.

Jenna told Lil to take off rest of my clothes. Lil undid the button on my jeans, unzipped by fly and lowered by jeans. I stepped out of my jeans and my cock came through my boxers. I took off my boxers and I was fully aroused. Without Jenna saying a word, Lil started kissing my cock. She placed her tongue on the bottom and slowly she went to she reached the top. She then lowered her head placing my cock inside her month. She head slowly went up and down. As if a switch went off, her head was going up and down with incredible speed. She lips had a strong grip of my cock. She placed her hand on the base of my cock and went even faster. I never had a woman play with my cock with such vigor and tenacity. I watched her as her head bobbed up and down. I wanted It took every bit of strenghend of mine not to cum. She was like a tiger when they had their prey in their mouth. I tried to slow her down but I could not. I have an eight inch cock and this little bit of a thing took every inch. I could not stand it anymore and I dropped to my knees and fell back on the floor. Even though I was on the floor, she never slowed down. She was pounding my cock like I had never been done before. Jenna said, Vic and I are going to the bedroom as she had his hard cock in her hand. My wife was right, there is nothing more stimulating for a man than watching his wife suck another man's cock. The build up was out of my control and I came. Lil smiled at me and let a roar. This tiger gets what she wants as she wiped me up with my shirt. From the other room, I heard sounds of pleasure from both my wife and Vic. I figured that Vic's problem was solved.

I looked at her, this tiger needs to be tamed as I left her up onto the couch. I spread her legs open as I started kissing the inside of her legs and thighs. She had small amount of black hair around her pussy. I worked my way up to her moist pussy and placed my tongue inside of her. I stroked her with my tongue as her moisture of all over my face. She positioned her legs around my neck in such a way that I could not move. I worked on her clit and she started to moan. She was so moist, I was almost drowning in her fluids. I felt her beginning to shake. Her legs strengthened their grip around my neck and I knew that she was cumming. She removed her legs from around my neck with a big smile on her face. I had got hard again and I was going to tame this tiger.

I flipped Lil over so that her face was on the couch as her ass was up the air. I slide my cock inside that moist pussy. She turned her head, okay Red "Give me what you got"

With that comment, I started to pound her. I posited my hips directly behind her and moved their as fast as I could. With each stroke of my cock inside of her, the moans became louder and louder. She took her fist and pounded them against the couch. Her body began staking again and this organism was more intense than the first, She turned again and just smiled. I moved back and lay ed back on the floor. She lay next to me and started purring like a kitten. I knew that I could tame this tiger. Without notice, she said is that all your got and placed my cock back inside her mouth. She was back in control and I could move because of the pleasure she was giving me. Within two seconds she had positioned herself on top of me placing my cock inside of her. She was riding up and down on me. Okay, big man, Now lets see what you got? I could not hold out any longer As I came, she gave out the loud roar of a tiger as she collapsed onto me.

I must admit that I was whipped. I picked Lil up in my arms and went towards the bedroom. There was my wife on all fours and Vic, the man who not get an erection, placing his cock in and out of my wife's ass. We just watched as Vic worked my wife's ass. This is my wife's favorite position on all four's and having a dick up her ass. He gave out a grunt as he shot his load all over Jenna's ass. They both collapsed on the bed. Jenna turned to Lil, problem solved as he came three times.