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Non-verbal Tricks for Attracting Women

Non-verbal Tricks for Attracting Women

Non-verbal Tricks for Attracting Women

By Elena Ognivtseva

Body language can be a powerful tool when it is consciously expressed. It may shock you to find out that words are not the most important form of communication between people; body language is, and getting your body language right is essential for giving off the correct signals to attract a woman.

Take a look at our tips below for simple and effective ways of attracting a woman to you by appearing to be the ideal mate…even if you’re not underneath!

Feel positive, be positive:

Both men and women naturally gravitate towards positive personalities so when you are out with friends make sure you look like you’re enjoying yourself, and that you are the heart and soul of the party! Laughing along with jokes (but not too much!), smiling and engaging in conversations will make you appear to be a positive person. No one wants to flirt with the quiet guy in the corner; they want to mix with optimistic people who are fun to be around. Kind of obvious really.

Watch your posture:

Stand tall and you will look more attractive instantly! You will also exude confidence which is attractive to any woman, and people are far more likely to talk to you in this state than if you’re hunched over and hiding! The way you carry yourself speaks volumes so keep yourself in check if you tend to stoop.

Make eye contact:

Making eye contact is a sure fire sign that someone is in to you; but if you’re suffering from a bout of nerves it tends to be a lot harder to lock eyes with someone. Being nervous is totally normal, but if you can you should make the effort to look into her eyes. If you find it really difficult then practice making eye contact with people such as your friends and family so that when you see someone you fancy you will be able to make eye contact easily without forcing it.

When you eventually do chat be friendly, confident & self-assured:
However, this doesn’t mean that you should be cocky! Have a friendly and approachable manner and keep the conversation light and relevant; you should never talk about the weather or about the latest war in the Middle East with a girl you just met. Really make an effort to listen to her as women (particularly this one!) hate it when their opinions aren’t listened to.

As with all things worth getting right verbal and non-verbal communication techniques need to be practiced before they can be perfect, so get out there and give these tips a try!