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Sensual Foreplay and Setting the Mood

Sensual Foreplay and Setting the Mood

Sensual Foreplay and Setting the Mood

By Ekaterina Mironova

Foreplay is a very important part of sex that is often overlooked and under utilized. Most couples can benefit from erotic foreplay by aiding in lubrication, heightening the senses, adding the thrill of expectation, and getting you both turned on before penetration.

Bath time is a great way to relax and unwind so you can get in the mood. Bathing each other can be very sensual and the pheromones in many bath products like candles, bubbles and sensual body washes naturally arouse the senses.

Fondling each other in the shower can be very erotic and spontaneous. There are many products like locking handles and foot rests that make it easier and safer to make out in shower stalls, so you don't have to worry about slipping in the heat of the moment.

End bath time with an erotic massage using scented or lick-able massage oils to enhance both touch and taste, or try a warming candle to add hot oil to the massage. Erotic massage enhances the sense of touch, bringing greater intimacy to foreplay as it builds arousal.

Setting the Mood for Lovemaking

The atmosphere where you make love is very important for getting in the mood. If you have a messy bedroom with clutter and piles of clothes laying around, it won't feel very romantic. So try to create a space that will turn your messy bedroom into a sensual love den ready for sex.

Throw those dirty clothes in a bag and hide them in the closet and turn off the phone. Drape swags of long cloth or mosquito netting around the bed. Pull out those silk sheets and add lots of throw pillows on the bed. Use colors like red to incite passion. Faux rose petals make a bed look ready for lovemaking.

Dim the lights down low with scarves over the lamps and light scented candles or incense. Candlelight flatters naked bodies and scents like vanilla turn men on. Try rubbing pheromone products behind your ears, wrists and other sensual areas. While you're at it, dress in something that is comfortable, sexy and easy to remove. And if your room is cool, turn up the heat.

Use music to create a mood and set a rhythm. You can do this beforehand by creating a sexy, sensual playlist on Youtube, and then simply let it play.

Don't forget aphrodisiac type finger foods like oysters, crackers and exotic cheeses, fresh fruit like strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate. There are also lick-able body products like lover's body paints in chocolate that you can drizzle on the body and lick off. Top it off with a bottle of champagne to help you unwind and have fun. And, don't forget to have a nearby drawer filled with your favorite sex toys and lube.

Now you have a love den that will certainly keep both of you in the mood and focused on a night of passion and romance.