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The first question that pops in your mind when encountering lesbians is, "how do they have sex. Sex between women includes anal, doggy, and oral sex.

The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) are a distinct community within the gay culture. They have been there ever since but have become popular in recent years when they came out of the shadows and are now recognized by society. It's becoming normal to see a woman and another or two men displaying affection publicly, unlike in the past when they were hiding because of society's expectations and stigmatization. You have a good idea of how gay men have sex. However, it's not that black and white for obvious reasons best known to you when talking about sex and women. The question lingering in your mind whenever you see or encounter lesbians is how do they have sex? This article has got you covered with the right answers.

What Is Lesbian Sex?

Human sexuality identifies in all colors of the rainbow. You might identify as bisexual rather than lesbian, maybe cisgender, meaning you identify with the gender assigned at birth. A woman having sex with another woman might not necessarily identify as a lesbian. According to Nicely (2000), identifying lesbian sex is not easy since sex can happen between transgender women with penises, intersex people, or non-lesbians. Like any other normal sex, their sex also includes a variety of sexual acts.

Controversial myths about lesbian sex

There are a lot of misconceptions and false information about lesbian sex traversing on the internet. Here are some myths about lesbian sex.

Making Love Is Easy Since You Are Both Women

Two women having sex doesn't mean they share the same anatomy. Everybody is different and has different preferences when in bed.

A Person Has To Be the Man

This is the most common myth and portrays narrow-mindedness. It is not in every case although some lesbians like playing the role. Penetrating your lesbian partner doesn't make you the man, like going down on your partner doesn't make you submissive. The aspect of masculinity depends on the couple.

Strap-Ons Are a Must

Strap-ons are sex toys that resemble the penis but are worn or attached to the underwear that some lesbian partners use, as Blake (2011) noted.

It Is All About Scissoring

This perverted thinking has mostly been influenced by porn. It means vaginal to vaginal contact. It is a lesbian sex method, but this doesn't mean it’s the only one. Lesbians have preferences like everyone else, and to some, scissoring doesn't suit them.

Orgasm Is The End Goal

Sex involves a lot of activities, and orgasm is not always the orgasm, to lesbians.

Lesbians Can’t Contract Stis

Penetrative sex is not the only way to get STIs, and lesbians can also get STIs. They exchange body fluids through genital contact or oral sex. They can also get infected like everybody else.

Types Of Sex For Lesbians

Whenever you think of sex, penetration is always the first thing in mind. In lesbians, it involves more than penis-in-vagina, as many couples may branch out to other objects or body parts.

Anal Sex

Anal sex is one way lesbians get down. According to Lee et al. (2017), the anus doesn't produce lubrication on its own, and lube is the key to a great time with anal play. Consent is also important since not everybody is okay with anal sex. Lesbians might experiment with different techniques such as fingering the anus, penis in the anus, fisting the anus, or incorporating sex toys such as dildos or anal plugs.

Vaginal Sex

Any vaginal penetration needs prepping; don’t dive into it. There are things to consider, such as birth control methods and STI protection, such as condoms if your partner has a penis. in the case where you both have vaginas, you have nothing to worry about other than the risk of STIs. Lesbians may also include fingering, fisting, penis penetrations, and use of sex toys for vaginal stimulation.


Lesbians can consider scissoring a form of sex if they both have vaginas. Also known as Tribbing, scissoring simply entails vaginal to vaginal contact and rubbing. it is common in most lesbian porn, and this type of sex is not as easy to pull off; like everyone else, lesbians also share different opinions on sexual pleasures, and some may not find scissoring appealing.

Sex Positions For Lesbians

This is where you all go wrong with your myths and misconceptions about lesbian sex. Lesbians also have different sex positions that are not that different from the rest.


Anal and vaginal penetration may include hitting it from behind. This is where one partner gets down on all four knees a comfortable distance apart. The other partner then kneels from behind to penetrate either the vagina or anus from the back. This can be with the penis (if your partner has one) or penetration with a sex toy, preferably a strap-on or fingering.


The missionary is the oldest trick in the book, and lesbians can also dive into their pleasures through this technique. This will involve one partner lying down, legs apart, as the other one is on top. The other partner can hover above them and offer sexual stimulations with a penis or strap-on to the vagina. There is also the option of using sex toys or simply getting it going with fingering.

Oral Sex

Going down on someone is obvious for lesbians. This can also involve a variety of positions, the easiest being a partner lying on their back with the other lying on their belly. Here the [partner above will lick, kiss or rub between their partner's legs to offer them sexual satisfaction.

Risk Of STIs

You are not safe regardless of your sex, gender, or orientation with dozens of STIs worldwide. STIs are not discriminative, and anybody can contract a sexually transmitted infection. STIs can be transmitted via the mouth, genitals, butt, or throat. You have to lash out at the belief that lesbians cannot contract STIs. Sexual activity includes sharing body fluids, and through this, there is the risk of contracting STIs. Also, the type of STI will differ depending on the type of sexual activity you indulge in.

Factors for Safer Sex

The Barrier Method

This includes using condoms when penetrating or using dental dams for oral sex. These methods reduce the direct contact between your body and your partners. This way, you are at a lower risk of contracting STIs. You can also use gloves when fingering or fisting or other hand stimulation.


The last thing you want is to scratch or create tears in your vagina or anus. This will not keep the STIs away, but some lube will do the trick to make things smooth as you enjoy sexual pleasures.

Get Tested

This will not apply to lesbians only. Knowing your status is important; thus, regular tests are important. Ask your doctor how regularly to get tested and what to test for.

Keep It Clean

You will enjoy some fingering pleasure though not in all cases. Consider hygiene by trimming the nails and keeping clean hands before indulging in any sexual activity. Use clean toys and consider sliding condoms on your dildos for extra protection.

Birth Control

Lesbians with a penis and vagina, basically a cisgender and a transgender women, risk impregnating their partners. Therefore, in this case, birth control is important to prevent pregnancy.


It is normal to wonder still how lesbians have sex. It's far more complicated than it sounds. Women don't share the same anatomy as some would suggest. The question of how lesbians have sex can be answered in many different ways. Sex involves a lot of activities regardless of gender, sex or orientation. The risk of STIs or pregnancy is also a factor in lesbianism sex.


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