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Should You Have Sex When You Have A Urinary Tract Infection?

Should You Have Sex When You Have A Urinary Tract Infection?

Should You Have Sex When You Have A Urinary Tract Infection?

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Suffering a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) can be uncomfortable and even painful during sex. And while it is not communicable through sex, many wonder whether partying with an infection is safe.  In this article, we look at the risks and tips of enjoying sex when suffering from UTI.

What is a UTI Infection?

A UTI is a bacterial infection that affects the urethra, bladder and other parts of the urinary tract. It mostly occurs when the bacteria from dirty hands, skin or anus come into contact with the urethra. UTI is more common in women due to the close proximity between the vagina and the anus. While they naturally affect the genitals, UTIs are not transmitted sexually neither are they contagious. This means that developing a UTI does not mean that you will pass it on to your partner. This goes to clear some misconceptions of unfaithfulness that might arise among partners when such infections occur.

But while UTI is generally not serious and tends to clear in a few days, there are some risks associated with having sex when suffering for such infections.

One of these risks is pain during sex. The UTI causes the tissues around the urethra to be extra sensitive and can be painful with the slightest friction making sex quite uncomfortable. The pain can be especially painful for women because internal vaginal stimulations tend to put pressure on the bladder, intensifying the pain.

Having sex when suffering from a UTI can also force bacteria up the urethra worsening the infection.  Sex also poses the risk of introducing more bacteria around your genitalia which can slow down healing. And while UTIs are not sexually transmitted, having sex with someone suffering from a UTI increases your chances of contact the infections due to the introduction of bacteria to the urethra. Therefore, sex, in any case, increases your chances of getting a UTI due to bacteria transfers.  So advisable to avoid penetrative sex when suffering from a UTI.

Noting that every sexual encounter puts you at risk of developing a UTI, here are a few simple tips to reduce your risk during sex.

Tips to Reduce Your Vulnerability to UTI in the Bedroom

Should You Have Sex When You Have A Urinary Tract Infection?

  • Wash your hands with water and antiseptic solution before and after stimulating your partner manually. This will reduce the transfer of bacteria and their chances of contracting a UTI.
  • Pee before and after sex to remove any bacteria that may have gone through the urethra.
  • Avoid double-dipping during sex. The anus has a very high concentration of bacteria. So make sure to wear a condom or dental dam during anal sex. Also, be sure to change the condom before penetrating the vaginal or any other part of the body. If you are fingering, wash your hands before and after anal penetration before penetrating the vagina or touching the penis.
  • For women, wipe front to back after using the bathroom to prevent the transfer of bacteria from the anus to the vaginal opening and urethra.
  • Hydrate your body frequently to clean up the urinary tract. Being dehydrated increases your UTI vulnerability.
  • Consult a doctor if you suffer allergies to condoms, dental dams, diaphragms, and other protective barriers. A doctor should be able to provide you with safe alternatives to reduce your exposure to bacteria.
  • Some clinical studies suggest that taking probiotics can prevent bacteria from overgrowth in the body.

For some women, increased sex with a new partner can cause UTI, a condition known as honeymoon cystitis. If this happens, slowing down sex and increasing it gradually will help the body get accustomed to your partner.

When Should You See a Doctor?

Most UTI clear within days. However, severe infections can affect the bladder, kidneys and other internal organs if left untreated. This can cause serious illness and in some causing death. Hence, it is important to see a doctor if you are suffering UTI symptoms including:

  • Painful urination
  • Bladder pain that intensifies when urinating
  • Feeling a need to pee but being unable to fully empty the bladder
  • A frequent urge to pee
  • There is blood in the urine or it has a foul smell
  • Pain or cramping in the groin or stomach

If the UTI spreads to the kidneys, the above symptoms may worsen to include:

  • Fever and a chill feeling
  • A general feeling of weakness
  • Back pain
  • Nausea and vomiting.

The good thing is that UTIs are easily treated with antibiotics and the symptoms should improve after one or two days of treatment. However, in case you have been using over the counter- medications, you want to monitor your condition closely and consult a doctor if the symptoms worsen, the pain becomes too much and if it travels to your back and, you suffer from a high fever. This might be a sign that the UTI have infected your kidneys and other internal organs.

Seeking treatment early is, therefore, more recommended than self-medication when dealing with a UTI.

But just because you or your partner is suffering from a UTI does not mean you stop having fun in the bedroom. Intimacy is not glued to penetrative sex, and there are plenty of pleasure you can still enjoy together.

Tips to Having Fun with Your Partner While Healing from a UTI

Should You Have Sex When You Have A Urinary Tract Infection?

Build up the Tension: While everything is rated PG, you will love the tension of withholding from sex and the sexual build-up. Kiss, cuddle and tease each other with ticklers and paddles to make the tension even more intense.  When it is time to have sex, you will be pleased by how intense everything will be.

Play Game: There are plenty of sexy games you can play with your partner without getting penetrative. Get an adult deck of cards from here at Peaches and Screams and take this time to explore and learn about each other deepest fantasies and fears.

Should You Have Sex When You Have A Urinary Tract Infection?

Be Intimate: Being intimate with your partner doesn’t always have to be penetrative. If you are the one suffering, then treat your partner to a whole-body erotic massage one afternoon. Prepare them a bath with essential oils to relax their muscles and relieve the tension build-up.  Give them a handjob or a crazing oral. Be creative; bring in some sex toys like vibrators, dildos, plugs, fleshlights and more to make the moment not only exciting but a lifetime experience. Show them your prowess in the bedroom by introducing them to your fun side without really having to be penetrated. Besides being fun, this type of intimacy improves your connection with your partner and helps be more physically and emotionally closer to you.

Burn off some Heat: Sex is for many couples a release method. Since you cannot enjoy penetrative sex when recovering from a UTI, trying some fun activities such as cooking or hiking together will help you burn out some energy and release sexual frustrations that you might not even notice building up. 

Having a UTI doesn’t mean sex is out of bounds, it just means you have to enjoy sex in new ways that are more safe and satisfying. It can actually be a test of your bedroom creativity. Think outside the box!