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Take Down A Peg: A Straight Man’s View Of Being Pegged

Take Down A Peg: A Straight Man's View Of Being Pegged

Take Down A Peg: A Straight Man's View Of Being Pegged

Sexual ideas and practices vary in couples. Lovers engage in many kinky sexual plays as they try to spice their lovemaking sessions. Anal sex is a common sexual activity among many naughty couples, and those who engage in it have admitted that there is plenty of pleasure. The invention of different kinky sex toys opened up new pleasure games. The production of strap-on dildos brought more creative ideas to couples. Straight men tend to love and get the idea of giving their anus to their women. Pegging is a great way of spicing up intimacy sessions with your lover.

Pegging Ideas in Straight Men

Pegging is a sexual act that entails anal penetration in a man from a person who has no penis. Pegging is and does not interfere with your sexual orientation. Many straight men fear trying out pegging with their partners as they might be termed gays. Unlike in gay sex, pegging is done by a woman anally penetrating her man. Hand dildos and strap-ons are the most used pegging toys.

The woman or man can bring up the idea of pegging. Most men would like to try pegging but find it very hard to explain the situation to their women. They see pegging as a tricky idea because it leads to gender and sexual role play. Other straight couples worry less about this as they focus on having fun and exploring new pleasure heights.

Pegging is easier when the woman suggests the idea. This breaks the ice and gives the man a relaxed mood during pegging.

How to Ask Someone If They Love Pegging?

Talking about pegging is hard. Some women can even embarrass you about the same. Men may be reluctant to experience pegging due to the taboo and myths. Talking about pegging is easier written than done. When the woman asks about pegging, it becomes easier for the man to express her desire for pegging. However, not all men are into pegging. Ensure that your man is into anal play before asking him out.

Ask your lover in confidence and an exciting manner for those curious about pegging. The best time to ask her is during sex. This sets the mood for steamier sessions as you wait for your partner to romp your ass. If you are a shy man, ask her over a text and explain your desires and love of being pegged.

Getting a partner who truly understands your body’s needs is key to more sexual fun and a healthier relationship.

What Does Pegging Feel Like?

This solely depends on the way you do it and the intentions and interests of each partner. Like any other sexual activity, pegging enhances stimulation and sexual satisfaction in partners. Anal sex stimulates the prostate glands leading to explosive orgasms in men. Pegging delivers intense sensations to your man, leaving him begging for more. This tangible intimacy creates wild physical sensations in both partners.

The idea of allowing someone to devour your anus and be in control of your body is enough to set new sensations in any man. For men used to anal sex, pegging is all you need to switch your pleasure games to new levels. If you want to spice up your sex games, trying out pegging is a great way of exploring your hidden kinky side.

Does Pegging Hurt?

Most straight men fear pegging and associate it with physical pain and discomfort. In contrast, pegging is a pleasurable sex play. Newbies into pegging think they will experience pain as their anus gets stretched and rimmed. However, this is not the case. Pegging is sweet and feels the same just like women's anal sex. For interesting and sweet first time pegging experiences, consider the following;

Start with Toys

Using sex toys such as butt plugs and anal beads is best to prepare your anus for pegging. These toys stretch your butt gently and help you get used to anal stimulation. If you are really into pegging but have never tried it, try stretching your butt using these toys first.

Start Small

The idea of pegging is to enhance sensations and stimulations to achieve orgasms easily. Using a small-sized strap-on dildo is best to introduce your man to pegging. Small dildos gently stretch the ass and deliver comfortable and intense pleasure. Using a big dildo for the first time will freak out your partner or even tear the anus tissues. Sex experts advise that you start with smaller dildos as you gradually build your way to more advanced toys.

Apply Lots of Lubes

The anus does not self-lubricate, making anal penetration somehow difficult. Applying lubes on the anus, butt cheeks, and dildo is a great way of enhancing safe anal play. Water-based lubes are the best as they have no allergic reactions to the skin. Engage in smooth pegging by using lubes.

Reasons Why Straight Men Engage in Pegging

You get to appreciate your partner's effort during sex.

Pegging allows role play. The man feels and understands better how it feels to be penetrated emotionally and physically. Women get a new perspective of sex as they experience difficulties and efforts during sex. She gets to know that thrusting is not an easy task. This keeps partners together as they appreciate each effort you make to satisfy their sexual needs.

Pegging leads to explosive orgasms in men. The constant thrusting rubs the prostate glands and takes your man to new pleasure zones.

Some men like being controlled. Pegging makes a man vulnerable to her woman. This idea turns on some women who love being dominant in their relationships.

The Bottom Line

Pegging is a kinky sex play that any naughty straight couple should try. It allows you and your partner to experience sexual pleasure in an inverted role. Pegging is not a taboo but a great way of feeding your inner anal sex desires. If you are curious about pegging, the time is now. Turn your fantasies into reality.