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Tantric Sex Tips - Tantric Sex For Beginners

Tantric Sex Tips - Tantric Sex For Beginners

Tantric Sex Tips - Tantric Sex For Beginners

By Ksenia Sobchak

If you and your partner are searching for the ultimate level of orgasmic pleasure then Tantra is something you definitely want to try. What is Tantra and what can it do? Tantra is a combination of sex, meditation, yoga and ritual that dates back to India in 3000 B.C. By practicing Tantra you and your partner can both expect to experience ejaculation and multiple orgasms. Despite Tantra's old age, not many people know and practice it's secrets. However, in these modern times, as more and more people are starting to practice Tantra, it's slowly becoming the hottest thing to do with your partner since oral sex! In this article I will touch upon the basics of Tantra and give to you the precious knowledge that will elevate you and your partner to pure ecstasy.

Tantra slows down the pace of sex, not only giving you and your partner time to enjoy it, but also giving you time to work up to a much more powerful orgasm. Through a combination of breathing techniques, positions, and sensual ritual you will both also feel an immense contentment and harmony. If you or your partner scoff that Tantra is nothing more than a big tease, let me assure you that the reward you will both receive in the end is well worth the time it takes to get there. Lets start with a short history lesson. Tantra was practiced as a sacred act by Chinese, Tibetan and Indian Buddhists as a way of melding the spirit with the flesh for enlightenment. The word Tantra was derived from a Sanskrit word which meant to extend or weave. Tantra is based on the belief that energy flows through the body in a similar manner that blood flows through veins (what do you think??).

This energy connects the body's energy centers, or chakras.There are seven chakras. The first chakra, the Mooladhara Chakra, is located below the sacrum bone. This is the chakra of innocence. The Swadishthan Chakra is the chakra of creativity and is located at the genitals.

The Nabhi Chakra gives us a sense of complete satisfaction, contentment, and generosity. The Nabhi Chakra is located in our stomach.The Anahat Chakra, sometimes referred to as the Heart Chakara, is located at the level of the sternum bone. Within this chakara resides our true self. All fears, doubts and worries are wiped away when this chakara is fully enlightened.

The fifth chakara, the Vishuddhi Chakra, is located at the throat. This is the chakra of playful detachment and pure relationships with others.The Agnya Chakra is the chakra of compassion and forgiveness and is located at the forehead.And finally the seventh chakra, the Sahasrara Chakra, integrates all seven of the chakras with their respective qualities. This chakra is located at the crown of the head.When Tantra is practiced, energy moves through the body and opens up the chakras. It is when the chakras are open that the feelings of contentment, harmony, and complete satisfaction are felt.

If Tantra is practiced in it's truest form, then men are prohibited from ejaculating. This is because it was believed that male ejaculation was a waste of sexual energy, not only that, but also interfered with a womans potential for multiple orgasms. Ironically though, women are encouraged to ejaculate while practicing Tantra. Intercourse does exist in Tantra, though intercourse itself usually only lasts about 10 minutes. The Tantra love making session, however, can last well over an hour.

So what does a Tantra session consist of? The couple would first slowly undress, breathing deeply and gazing into each other's eyes. Their palms would touch as they concentrated on a flow of energy running through them and into their partner's palms. Then they would share some sort of ritual together, such as taking a bath. They would explore each other's bodies, utterly and completely; prolonging foreplay. They would tell each other what they like, what feels good to them. This is not limited to hand to body, or mouth to body contact. It can be anything from tickling their senses with a feather, to body painting, to a full body massage. The 69 position is very popular among those that practice Tantra because of it's potential for chakra enlightenment. Men prolong their erections through slow breathing, and controlled thrusting. Women can experience multiple orgasms by flexing.

While all of this is going on, "sex sounds" should be made as it helps the energy built up through Tantra to circulate. The longer the couple can linger in their orgasms the more energy they can absorb and radiate. In Tantra, it is said that one can not achieve enlightenment without merging energies in sexual union with another.In practicing Tantra, you must concentrate on the energies of the abdomen. This is where your inner fire is. The energy you and your partner build up should be focused on and used to arouse this inner fire. After the fire is burning brightly, meditation is done to direct those energies up to the heart.

This energy will burst through all of the negativity you've been storing inside. Sometimes one of these negative emotions can surface into your conscious awareness. For example fear may surface and be actively experienced. It will take practice and great awareness to process the emotions that may surface and release them. If these emotions are not released, then they may be projected into the present life.

However it is important to do this because powerful emotions and states of mind are being generated, and if you can not separate yourself from them then you may become reinvolved with them. You must deal with your past one way or another. Tantra is not without it's dangers. Many times it has been said that Practicing Tantra is like walking along the edge of a sword or dagger. The level of the psyche and the intense energies you are working with can be potentially dangerous to an individuals peace of mind. But Tantra, if practiced properly, can bring you and your partner enlightenment and ecstasy.

It may sound like a lot of work, and you would be right in thinking such. Tantra is a lot of work. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Some men have claimed to have up to as many as 20 orgasms in one Tantra session! But that's only a small part of what Tantra has to offer. When the time comes for you and your partner to give Tantra a try, I strongly encourage you both to read up on it. I have only been able to go over a very basic explanation of Tantra in this article. There are vast amounts of positions and techniques that would benefit you and your partner to read up on.

Be patient with Tantra when you try it, not only does Tantra itself require patience, but it may take time for you to "get it right" Don't allow yourself to become frustrated. Just take a deep breath and think about how vast your reward will be once you finally do master the art of Tantra. If tantra interests you then check out the Mens-Network Tantra Magazines.

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