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Ten Signs He Will Be Good In Bed

Ten Signs He Will Be Good In Bed

Ten Signs He Will Be Good In Bed

By Tatyana Dyachenko

Good SexEvery man that has ever lived believes himself to be the world’s greatest lover, but we all know that the world is full of one-pump Charlies, whose idea of foreplay is watching a soccer match, and afterglow usually consists of having you fix him a sandwich. Fear not though, ladies, it’s easy to tell ahead of time just how great that world’s greatest lover may be. Will he make your toes tingle? Here are ten sure signs that he’ll be worth your time: straight from the mouth of the Minx!

He is artistic

Face it, a lot of guys just aren’t that creative in bed, and bragging to his buddies aside, they just tend to do the same things over and over again. And it gets boring pretty quickly. A man with artistic sensibilities – a writer, an artist, or just someone who appreciates taking you to an art museum or the theatre now and then, is more likely to spice it up in bed and give you that extra “zing” you’ve been waiting for.

He is attentive

When you’re out, does he pay attention to only you? Is he staring into your eyes even as the hot chick with no bra passes by your table? You lucky woman! We do live in a busy world, and there are a lot of distractions. If he’s on his cell phone taking care of business, has to stop off at his broker’s office on the way back to his apartment, or happens to see his drinking buddies while you’re out and invites them over, you’re in trouble. On the other hand, if he shuts off his cell phone and gets his business taken care of beforehand, you know he’s going to be paying more attention to you all night. You know what that means when it comes to the bedroom!

Is he a glass of wine with dinner guy, or a six-pack after work bloke?
A drink will help both of you relax and get into the mood. If he brings over a nice bottle of wine to share, it’s a good start – but what’s his average daily alcohol intake? A guy who sits down and drinks an entire six-pack after work is going to be too lethargic to love, and will invariably fall asleep two minutes after he’s done. One or two glasses of wine is perfect. If he paces himself and doesn’t guzzle it down like water, it’s a good sign of fun times ahead.

How’s the kissing?

We think a man who is too timid in the kissing department, and just a little too gentle on the lips, isn’t going to do much to please you with his mouth later on where it counts. Long, passionate kisses, not too light and not too rough, are perfect, and portend a delightful encounter when those kisses start to move down south of your lips. Oh La la!

Motor Oil or Old Spice?

Potentially good sex can be made a disaster if the scent is off. When you’re entwined together under the sheets, both of your natural and man-made scents become much more noticeable. Is he attentive to his scent? Does he splash a little cologne on every day, or does he smell like the engine from an old Holden? Here’s why that’s important. We all spend a lot of time making sure we smell good for that special guy, and it’s frustrating when he just wants to jump into bed right after his afternoon workout. A guy that is a little more attentive to his own smells is going to be a lot more pleasant to be with.

Is he physically active?

Outside the bedroom, that is. Couch potatoes don’t make better lovers – a guy that is in shape and gets regular exercise is just going to have more stamina. He doesn’t have to be the star winger, but if he at least gets some sort of physical activity every day (outside of the physical activity that you give him); he’s probably going to be a better lover!

What’s for dinner?

A man who is attentive to what he’s having for dinner will be more attentive to the dessert you plan to give him later. If he’s taking you to an all-you-can-eat buffet and stuffing himself with the cabbage rolls, then run the other way as fast as you can. A good lover knows how food affects his body, and understands that eating till he’s ready to pop is going to affect his bedroom performance.

Practice makes perfect

Is it his first time with you, or his first time ever? It may be difficult to assess this particular situation, but if it’s been several months since he’s been with a woman, chances are, he’s going to be way too anxious to put his Cadillac into your garage, and it’s not going to stay there very long. The good news is that if you give him a chance for a few return visits, the next time is going to be a lot better. Just saying!

What about his pre-bedroom treatment of your boobs?

Men are just like little boys, especially when it comes to our boobs. Chances are, there will be some pre-bedroom boob fondling at some point, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just depends on the treatment. Men will tend to do one of two manoeuvres: the grab-and-squeeze, or the gentle petting. For some reason, they really do think we enjoy it when they go straight for the old grab-and-squeeze. It’s as if they’re trying to milk us! But if they have a bit more of a gentle approach, they’re going to be more attentive to you in bed.

Just how anxious is he to get into your panties?

Sure, we complain when they want to jump right to the sex, but you do want