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Sex is an activity people should enjoy. Herein is how to choose the est thrust, including; mixing it up, toasting thrust techniques, and techniques to last longer in bed.

Some people mechanically approach sex. They get naked, insert a penis, have sex in a missionary position then proceed to have an orgasm with no variation in speed, positions, or thrusting techniques. The result ends up being robotic sex without emotions. Another problem is men are scared to try something new. They do the same thing every time without considering alternatives. Women go wild for men that surprise them and keep them guessing in bed. You can keep your woman on her toes and spice up your sex life by introducing new things in the bedroom. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with different thrusting techniques. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Mix It Up A Little

One of the easiest ways you can have the best thrust is by introducing variety by changing the speed and tempo of your thrusting. Go fast for about 10-20 seconds, pause and go slow for the next minute. Have several shallow thrusts before going all-in with the deep ones. Ensure the speed and depth vary to avoid your woman predicting what you will do next. Don't suddenly slow down because that will piss your woman off if she grabs you and tells you to go faster and deeper. Watch your woman's reactions and adapt to them. It's usually best to start slowly and then increase speed gradually. Don't start pounding right away if you're starting with sex; your woman might not be wet yet, which would be unpleasant for her. Rupp & Wallen (2008) advised that you could consider taking time when in foreplay to fully arouse your woman. Here are some foreplay ideas that guarantee your woman is ready to go.

Take Your Time

Take your time and make sure your strokes are long, hard, and deep. You can use positions that don't facilitate but are great for deep penetration, such as spooning. You can also use this time to add positions to help you last longer as long as you mix it up. You will become more experienced, and all techniques will become instinctive, but the best thing to do is change the depth and speed of your thrusting.

Taoist Thrusting Technique

Another way you can choose the best thrust for you is by adding variety to your routine. Here is a technique to get you started. Do 9 shallow thrusts and 1 deep thrust, do 8 shallow thrusts and 2 deep ones, 7 shallow thrusts and 3 deep ones, until you do 10 deep thrusts. Reverse the practice until you're back at 9 shallow thrusts which is a great way to thrust because the variation will keep her in suspense, and sex will be more enjoyable. Another good thing about different thrusting techniques is that you don't have to warn your woman. There are many kinky tricks you can keep up your sleeve, but most of them require her agreement before you start. For instance, you can't stick your penis in your woman's butt. It takes confirmation your woman wants it.

Thrusting Techniques To Last Longer In Bed

You'll need to know several things to last longer in bed when thrusting. Waldinger et al. (1998) discovered that one of the most common causes of premature ejaculation is overstimulation of the head of the penis. While you do fast, shallow thrusts, the head of the penis gets constantly stimulated. The entrance to the vagina is the tightest part, and if you attack that area, you're missing out.

One of the best ways to deal with that problem is by thrusting your penis deeply and keeping the head of the penis inside your woman to ensure the head is not stimulated. Thrust your penis inside your woman's vagina and start grinding your pelvis against hers to lower the stimulation of your penis if you feel you are about to ejaculate. While your pelvis is grinding against her clitoris, it will be pleasurable for your woman.

Women do not need constant thrusting as men do. Puppo & Puppo (2015) stated that men's penises receive pleasure by rubbing against something like hands, lips, or vagina. Women's vaginas react the same way, but they have two other pathways that men do not have. The first one is the clitoris. You can please a woman without entering her. The second pleasure pathway is through the enlargement of the vagina. There are around the vagina that keep it tight. While they are pushed up against, women receive pleasure. You can make your woman moan without thrusting her. Combine these two, and you'll see how you can make her orgasm without thrusting. Push your penis in her vagina, stretch it out and rub her clit until she finishes.

Best Thrusting Positions

The best positions for trying out different thrusting techniques are the ones you control because your woman doesn't know how you are feeling; your woman will do what makes her feel good. It's hard to try out new things when she is riding you, and you have limited thrusting options because it is not much you can do lying on the bed. Positions like doggy and missionary are great because you control your woman and can do whatever you want. However, you can turn your girl on top into a style you can control the movement.

Grab your woman by the neck and push her head next to yours to make her body in line with yours if you want to control her while on top (Comfort, 2003). Your woman won't bounce up and down, but you will be able to thrust into her. Bend your knees to lift her, and start thrusting her vagina. This angle will stimulate your woman's clit and create deep penetration for your bodies are close. Try to mix and match to find out what positions work best for you.


Every couple is different. Penises and vaginas come in different shapes and sizes, and people's body works best in different positions. Try positions and thrusting styles. Try new things, and be successful in your thrusting. You will have mind-blowing sex if you get out of your comfort zone.


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