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Perhaps you bought a new toy, charged it, then popped your cookies, but there's one thing you may not recognize; these toys have hidden talents beyond the usual skills. This discussion contains different life hacks for using sex toys. Below are skills of using sex toys to employ in your sex life.

Sex Toy Hacks

Fluffy Tail Butt Lug Duster

Dusting is boring, but you can use the friendly butt plug duster to heat it. It helps access the hard-to-reach areas. Purchase one today and make it functional in ways you never imagined.

Double-Ended Shoe Stretcher Dildo

Are you the type that cares more bout maintaining the shape of your shoes? You can't afford to miss this double-ended shoe stretcher dildo. It's an amazing life hack to activate you sexually. Also, it's cheaper than buying a real shoe stretcher.

Vibrating Toothbrush

Be creative and create yours if you're fed up with the rich showboaters having electric toothbrushes. The main requirements are a toothbrush, scotch tape, and a vibrator.

Suction Dildo Spice Rack

Maybe you have been to a neighbor's kitchen, discovered their unique spice rack, felt jealous, and borrowed the life hack. You can make your friends jealous by getting this wonderful, playful, adjustable suction dildo spice rack.

Forged Vaginal iPhone Charging Dock

Here is a surprising hack if you want your working desk to be jazzed up. It's simple and practical. Suppose you need to charge your phone, slip this fake vagina charging dock. Wait for your colleagues to pass by and give comments. It takes creativity, and they'll admire it.

Hair Curling Dildos

Nothing beats the bad feeling of preparing for a night out, only to realize your lent hair curlers to your friend. Be thankful because there's an alternative at your sock drawer’s back- the hair curling dildos.

Anal Bead Ice Cubes

Rather than making ice for cooling and refreshing your drinks, you can get your old-school steel anal beads and freeze them to play that role. Pick clean anal beds, place them in the freezer, cut the strings with scissors and drop the beads in your drink. You'll thank me later.

Speculum Transplanter

Are you a gardener and can’t afford an expensive transplanter? Borrow this hack from your gynecologist, the speculum tool for opening holes. Get one and select a plant, then press the speculum on the ground. Press the tool to create a hole and place your plant inside. Notice the admirable task.

Suction Dildo Throwing Knives

Throwing knives is risky. Knives are sharp, and throwing gives the force likely to stab a person, but it's safer when using suction dildos. You can opt for more flexibility and fun.

Penis Extender Anti-Theft Tool

Bikes are hot cakes for thieves, and the lock is quite expensive, but you be more creative and apply this life hack to avoid thieves from stealing it. Have a bike and apply Nutella on the penis extenders before sticking them on your bike. Thieves will never move near it.

Suction Cup Dildo With Anal Beads Wind Chime

Maybe you need a wind chime but can't stretch to acquire it. Use this tasteful and understated suction cup dildo and three anal bead sets.

Rubber Hand-Arm Extender

Changing your bulb can be tricky and dangerous, especially when standing on a rickety stool. However, you can opt for a rubber hand-arm extender that allows fixed and stable standing on the floor as Kozak et al. (2006) suggested.

Dildo Plant Stake

A potted plant with roots in the soil needs a strong unbreakable tie and a stiff upright stake. A great hack includes using a giant dildo as stake and wrist restraints for a thick and firm pot plant.

Cable Storage Dildo

Electronic cables, such as headphones, phone chargers, and power cables, can be messy when tangled, but you can prevent the mess by storing them in a gorgeous and unobstructed remedy; the giant dildo cable storage.

Stress Reliever Dildo

Life stresses can harm your mental health. You're likely to punch your colleague because they made shear jokes, but you can relieve the stress by grabbing your stress reliever from the drawer as Dawson & Moffat (1980) advised. Squeeze, stroke, and caress it slowly until you release the last stress trace in your body.

Lube Launcher Hair Dye Applicator

While dying your hair can be difficult, tracing the roots with a lube applicator can counter this problem in a few minutes.

Stroker Sleeve Candlestick Holder

Maybe you’re ready for a romantic candlelight night but lack candlesticks. Beckman (2005), suggested that you can modify candlestick holder and use them for masturbating.

DIY Dildo Triceratops Mask

The current economy may not allow peaceful buying of Halloween costumes for your children. There's a better idea; make triceratops masks, especially for kids that love dinosaurs.

Vibrator Protein Powder Mixer

Shaking your protein powder is stressful. But you can utilize a remote-controlled vibrator as a substitute.

Rubber Fist Oven Mitt

You can get your rubber fist from your toy collection without oven mitts and protect your arms from removing hot stuff from the oven.

Lube Launcher Stain Remover Applicator

According to Sanchez (2009), a lube launcher can help remove stains directly from the messed-up areas.

Wrist Restraint Luggage Identifier

Confusion may lead to a wrong pick of a travel bag. You should identify it with a unique tag, such as a colorful wrist restraint or ribbon.

A Crappy Anal Bead Abacus

The list includes this for its reasons, but you can creatively design a gorgeous shitty abacus with the availability of numbers.

Rubber Fist Back Scratcher

A rubber fist is helpful in scratching areas you can’t reach, including the back.

Sex Doll Scarecrow

Sex dolls are highly versatile. You can use them to replace scarecrows and prevent your crops from being attacked by birds.

Double-Ended Dildo Massager

You can relieve stress and tension after a long working day using this lifehack; the double-ended dildo back massager. There's no need to buy another tool.

Rubber Vagina Table Tennis Ball Launcher

The rubber vagina bounces the ball randomly in varied directions. You can take advantage and better your table tennis skills with the ideal training and drills.

The Bottom Line

The sex toy life hacks are perfect for making your life meaningful and functional. Don't be surprised when your friends consult about the same or copy your tricks.


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