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Sex toys are a result of technological advancement that is experienced in the world today. Most people can meet their sexual desires even in the absence of their partners. Sex toys are there for both men and women. For ladies, there are so many sex toys that you would want to try them out to feel the hidden pleasure. You can explore your sexuality and understand your body using different sex toys. Sex toys can be used for solo play and partnered sex to bring new experiences. Even though your partner is always there rolling their eyes to get some head, owning and investing in the best toys on the market is not wrong. Most sex toys are portable; they can be carried to any place you go without being noticed. There are penetrative sex toys and stimulating, such as the finger vibrators, which are mainly used to stimulate the clitoris. Do you want to add some moans in the bedroom? This article highlights some incredible sex toys for ladies.

Dildos/ vibrators

Vibrators come in different shapes and designs and purposes. Smith (2018) stated that dildos are meant for penetrative pleasure, whether anal or vaginal. Many people find more sexual pleasure through the anus, while others like having double stimulation to achieve the desired orgasm. Dildos are in different shapes; therefore, it is up to you to pick on the one that will serve you best. Some are used manually, while others are remotely controlled. For those who want to have hand-free masturbation, the vibrating ones are the best. Their vibrating power differs; therefore, you should know how they work and are used. Others are good till they have a traveling mode setting. Vibrators can be classified in terms of how they serve and deliver. Some are good for beginners, while beginners cannot use others because of their complex nature. It can also be because of the material used to make the dildo.

Strap-On Vibrators

Some advanced strap-on vibrators make it easy for lesbians to experience vaginal penetration in the game of solo play and partnered play. It is not that when you do not like men, you do not enjoy penetrative sex. These are dildos that can be tied to the waist, making one partner play the role of a man and making it more fun. Others are panties with a penis. Wassersug & Wibowo (2017) explained that some strap-on dildos could have double penetration, which is your partner can enjoy thrusts in the vagina and anal at the same time.

Dual vibrators

It is a women’s vibrator that ladies use during solo play. They have the vigorous movement that massages your G spot, making you get your orgasm. They are also made in a way that they can enhance external stimulation. Most of the G-spot targeted dildos are curved.

Rabbit vibrators

Wang (2020) explained that the rabbit vibrator existed and they were famous in the 1990s. Since then, many people have been obsessed with them since they are amazing and can facilitate double stimulation. A rabbit dildo is an abnormal dildo (a phallic shaft), but it has an attachment that looks like a rabbit, majorly made for clitoral stimulation. The extension with the rabbit ears evokes a flattery sensation against the clitoris, which is the most sensitive part of a woman's body, and hence has a massive orgasm. Using such a vibrator is the best and can make you orgasm even when you have never had a hard one. The vibrators differ in the vibration rates up to 12, and this gives you the power to control the motion you want to explore.

Bondage restraints

Sihvonen & Tuomas Harviainen (2020) stated that you are a person who is so willing to go to the extreme and always ready to try new things; BDSM is the kind of thing you can do add to your bedroom game. They contain cuffs used to tie up your hands and legs, and they can be tied nicely and attached underneath the mattress. The use of the restraints is a way to spice up your relationship since they make your partner dominate and control your pleasure the way they like, and there you will play submissive as you receive the pleasure. The restrains can be used by both men and women.

Clitoral stimulators

Ronen (2021) stated that there are sex toys made mainly to enhance clitoral stimulation hence the best women’s sex toys. They are in different shapes; some look like an electric toothbrush, are slim a discrete, and circulate when in a motion delivering sensational rippling stimulation on the clitoris. Other shapes in the market include; oval, cylindrical, and others that an individual can wear on the fingers. Either way, they are all made for clitoral stimulation having different motor capabilities. They thus can be controlled to the level that you will like and believe serves your sexual needs.

Butt plugs

These are also the sex toys that both men and women can use. But plugs have been there since the 1800s though they were initially made for medical purposes. Presently they are made for sexual purposes, although a few are used for medical examination still. Butt plugs are of different sizes; therefore, some are fit for beginners. Also, they are kits used in the training of the anus. Before you have an anal penetration, you should consider relaxing the muscles around to be comfortable to accommodate any penetration with pout any pain. Butt plugs have flared bases so that they cannot slip in, which will be disastrous. You should also consider the material of the plug so that you pick on the one that you will be comfortable with. Some are weighted while others are not; the weighted butt plug will meet your needs if you don't feel you but full.


Sex toys are the new things you should not be afraid to venture into since they are good at making and reviving the spark in your relationship. An individual can use sex toys in your relationship; if you want to incorporate a sex toy in your relationship, you should talk to your partner so that you do not get abrupt. The talk should also be done in a place away from the bedroom.


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