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7 Things To Do With Your Partner Tied Up

7 Things To Do With Your Partner Tied Up

7 Things To Do With Your Partner Tied Up

Bondage play is one of the most intense sources of sensational pleasures. BDSM play can give your sex life a makeover as it often involves kinky games either alone or with your partner tied for some pain and sensational pleasures.

Are you looking to make your debut in bondage play? Here are seven things to do with your partner tied up ranked from mild to extreme.

Tied Up Sex Positions & Ideas For Kinky Bondage Sex

Perform A Striptease

Striptease is a mainstay of erotic activity in the world of bondage. It helps to turn on your partner and build trust and understanding in a relationship because of the regular use of safe words. Tie your submissive partner using restraints, then perform a striptease while ensuring they are comfortable in their positions.

Get your partner's full attention, and tie them on their ankles, thighs, or wrists to restrict their movement. The fact that your lover can't touch or reach out to you makes the game extra tantalizing. Moreover, seductively removing your outfit one after the other arouses your partner, even more, when they are restrained. It also changes your partner's mindset on sex because this is a new dimension to it altogether. Check dimepiecela for more tied up sex positions and ideas for kinky bondage sex.

Ensure you work on your moves before tying your partner to make the scene more realistic and enjoyable for everyone. Do a little research or watch BDSM play scenes to have a wonderful experience.

Use A Feather Tickler

They are best used to tickle boobs, nipples, and other erogenous zones. Once you are tied up, grab your soft bondage feather tickler and use it for unforgettable and intense BDSM play. With your feather tickler held perfectly, run it over your lover’s skin gently to arouse them. The tickler will not only leave your partner quivering with anticipation but also offer extreme stimulation and sensations.

Their lightness triggers all the super-sensitive nerve endings, making your foreplay super sensational and pleasurable. Furthermore, you can focus on sensitive body parts such as the breast and nipples, thighs, and genitals for extreme stimulation. Tickling prepares your partner mentally and physically for sexual intercourse, which is why you should best perform this activity with passion and maintain concentration.

Try A Blindfold

Bondage play without blindfolds can never be the same. They are one of the perfect ways to make your BDSM debut super erotic and pleasurable. Having your partner tied up with the bondage restraint is already magical because you can perform acts to arouse them. The fetish fantasy bondage blindfolds are the real deal to gently give your partner unforgettable pleasures and leave them guessing about your next move and know what it's like to be tied up in bed during sex and blindfolded.

The blindfolds restrict your sight, thus concentrating only on the inner senses. This helps heighten other hidden senses for intensified arousal. You can try talking dirty to your partner to make the session pleasurable. It's all about oral sex; therefore, make it erotic and tantalizing.

Light The Massage Candle

Special massage candles have a lower melting point than the normal candle, making them appropriate choices to prevent burns and injuries during bondage play. Essentially, the massage candle wax warms your partner’s skin, making it highly sensitive.

Apply the wax candle on your lover’s skin until they submit to the indulgent massage. You can always massage your partner after applying the wax to stimulate the senses even more, and you can apply the massage candle's wax while tying your partner in different bondage positions. Consider using under the bed bondage restraints for incredible wax application.

Get to Grip with Orgasm Control

Is your partner comfortable with mild bondage play? Well, it would be best to confirm before you introduce them into the world of extreme bondage play. If ready, consider introducing erotic orgasm play into the sessions. This might include forced orgasms or orgasm denial. Furthermore, you could incorporate sex toys like dildos, plugs, and vibrators for extreme performance.

You can use your hands to give your partner a magical bondage experience. But this depends on both you and your submissive partner. You can decide on what feels sexually tantalizing before the play begins. Consider what feels better for your partner to make the game sensational and enjoyable for both parties.

Have A Spanking or Flogging Session

This is a magical act in the bedroom, but its power is quite underrated. Spank your submissive partner to intensify pain and sensations. What better time to do that than when your submissive is tied up and their movements considerably restricted? Floggers and spankers are sure to deliver extreme sensations, provided you do it right and with measured intensity.

Flogging and spanking get better when the submissive partner is tied up, limiting any movement during the session. A variety of kinky bondage floggers and spankers on the market will give your slave partner intense and memorable BDSM play. However, consider choosing them depending on your level of bondage play experience. Spank your partner hard and safely to stimulate all the sensitive nerve endings without causing any discomfort.

Bring Out the Ball Gag

Silence is the key charm for bondage games. It is extremely sexy and golden for you and your partner to embrace silence, whether or not you use sex toys or not. Gags can easily take things to a whole new level of sensation for your slave partner. Physically, they will not moan during the session, but mentally, they will be begging their dominants to stop.

Numerous gag types, with ball gags common in the market, give your submissive partner a sensational and pleasurable bondage experience.

Final Thoughts

Bondage play is one of the most common sex games today; including bondage for beginners. It involves different plays, including restriction. Tying up your partner isn't an issue, but what and how you do it after that is what matters. Therefore, consider the seven things mentioned above and give your submissive partner an unforgettable BDSM experience.