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Sex/life is a show that showcases what goes on in the marriage of a woman known as Billy. The picture that it shows on the outside makes one think that they have a good thing going on but in real life, there is so much being hidden. Some of the things that can be noticed in the sex/life show include; imperfect marriage, emotionally distant husband, and toxicity. 

The show sex/life is centered around a housewife, Billie who is tired of her marriage. A woman dwells in the memories daydreaming about all the hot and intense sex she used to have in her party years. She knew that the guys she got involved with were trash but they used to fuck her well. She thought of how she needed that making out in her life at that time. The fantasies turn into reality when she runs into one friend who she used to make out with and she becomes tempted. She is one terrible decision away from blowing up her whole life just to get some passion. She is torn between being faithful to the husband or throwing all of it away just for some steamy sex with the guy she met. However, the husband is also not as perfect as he seems either. Some of the views one can get from the show sex-life include;

Emotional Distant Partner 

The show might seem like they have incorporated a happy and perfect family with two lovely children and a huge house but there is nothing to show that they are indeed perfect. Billie seems like a woman who is very much in love with her partner, cooper. She looks at the husband lovingly as he walks. She hopes to connect with the husband for a brief moment. However, the expression on her face changes when her partner walks past without caring about or even looking at her. He goes straight and greets the kids then acts like the wife is not there. When they try to interact, the conversations are just sad because it seems like the husband is talking to the wife but not with her. Once you notice the chemistry between them cannot even be seen, you are guaranteed that the sex life is also dim or rather worse. Although the husband seems like he is not interested in her, Billie is still drawn to the man and tries to get him to notice her. When she tries getting him in the mood, the man does not reciprocate the feelings but focuses on the football game while they are making out. 

Imperfect Marriage   

The husband, Cooper, is not a terrible family man, as he sure takes care of the children and also has not cheated on the wife. However, the bar he is setting is too low. Cooper is a rich man and makes sure that he takes care of every material comfort the family will ever need. Billy has no financial stress in her life as everything is taken care of by her husband. However, that is not enough to make the marriage great or even perfect. He doesn't seem to care for the wife emotionally. Lewis (2000) suggests that when they make out, there are no emotions involved and there seems to be no connection between them. the perfect man that is portrayed in the movie by how great he does not make sense because the only thing that he does is what is expected of him as it is his responsibility.

According to Kayser (1993), the lack of affection for your partner is what seems to be driving the other into the thoughts of her early years when they used to get a lot of sex from her partners and how worth it was. This is what happened to Billie’s marriage.  This is because they have stayed for long without making out and when she wants to do it, the husband seems not to care. She seems regretful that she left the left of getting sexually satisfied for love yet the person she is into does not reciprocate or care about her feelings.


The husband, Cooper’s toxicity side is evident when he invades the privacy of the wife and reads through the journal entries that she has written about her ex. The fact that she is always horny and wants to make out with him fills him with so much rage that he even becomes a threat to the wife. He physically pushes her and bends her down on the kitchen counter and fucks her with so much aggression. In some views, it may seem like makeup sex but in this case, it is directly the opposite. Gagnon (1990) suggests that make-up sex does not need to be forceful or to be aggressive with your partner. He would not try and hate fuck the wife if he was the perfect husband as the show would like to portray. He finds it hard to focus on her when she is in the mood to have sex with him but when he is angry with the things that he finds in the wife's journal he forces himself on her to show his frustrations with her. 


The whole show is made to look as if Billie is a walking g-spot whose only intention is to make sure that her sexual needs are taken care of. However, that is not the case. For those that view the show in that way, it is because they feel like Billie has been given every financial support that she may need. However, there is a lot that still needs to be done in a marriage. Billie's life is perfect for people who assume that women should not expect much from the men they have been married to. They should not wish for tenderness, attention, chemistry, and passion. It is now understandable why Billie is obsessed with the exes. Not because of the sex they used to have but mainly for the fact that she and her clit got the attention that she is not getting in her marriage. it may seem like the wrong thing to do but it is better than making out with a person who focuses on the football game on the tv. It will even be an upgrade.   


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