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Women have many sensitive spots on their bodies, but the sensitivity of these points differs from one woman to another. Herein are the erogenous spots in women, including the breasts, neck, earlobes, and V spot.

Men who think that sexual pleasure revolves around them are wrong because, during sex, both partners are involved. It takes work and dedication to find pleasure zones that spice things in the bedroom. Finding these touch points might not be easy for women who do not take pride in pleasuring themselves. This article highlights the seven pleasure points on a woman's body and how to stimulate them. 

Pleasure Points for Women

The V-spot

The vaginal vestibule is the part that opens to the vagina. It is a very important part of every woman's sexual journey. This area is packed with nerve endings that send waves to the brain when stimulated. Rock your fingers back and forth from the clitoral shaft to the V-spot if you wish to explore this area during solo or partnered play. Find the area where you feel the most sensation and focus on it.

The Achilles Tendon

Most people forget that foreplay should not be concentrated on the vagina and breasts. There are other areas to explore to get the desired effect. One such part is the Achilles tendon, a strong cord connecting the heel to the calf. During foreplay or erotic massage sessions, gently stroke this area with playful strokes. Also, do not forget the inside of the ankle because both regions give off the same effect.

The Breasts

Many people view breasts as an organ filled with fatty tissue. It is known that the nipples are a major erotic zone in females and males. However, the entire breast should also receive attention equal to the nipples. According to Schlenz et al. (2000), breasts have numerous nerve endings that increase sensitivity when touched. For this reason, some women have said that breastfeeding leaves them aroused. 

The Nipples

The sensitivity of nipples varies in different women, but they are among the highly sensitive zones in women and men. Despite the difference in sensitivity, it is worth finding out if the stimulation works for you. Some people's nipples are extremely sensitive that they get nipple orgasms from their nipples being fondled. Most women experience heightened sensitivity in their nipples due to increased hormones during pregnancy. It is therefore advisable to communicate what feels good to your partner.

The Lower Back

Starting from the shoulder blades to the lower part of the spine, the back is a highly pleasurable area. This is why some people get aroused from lower back massages, especially the part above the crease of the butt. You can stimulate this region through a gentle massage or gently grazing your nails. To ensure your partner gets the most out of this experience, occasionally touch the crease of the butt.

The A-spot

The A-spot sits near the cervix and slightly above the bladder. This area can only be stimulated during deep penetration with a penis, dildo, or a finger because it is deep-sitted in the female anatomy. To get the most out of this region, sex therapists advise laying on your stomach and penetrating with one leg in the air. This position opens up the vagina allowing for intense pleasure.

The Earlobes

The earlobe has thinner skin, making it more sensitive to touch than the ear. Gently nibble on your partner's earlobe and see if you earn a moan from them. Start gently and listen to how your partner responds to the sensation.

The Brain

The brain is the pivot feature of all sensations. Komisaruk & Whipple (2005) suggested that when the brain is not aroused, it inhibits sensations from all over the body. Most people do not find sex pleasurable when under stress or tired. The mind needs to be clear and devoid of anything that may hinder your pleasure.

The Anterior Vaginal Wall

This is the zone in a woman's body responsible for squirting. However, squirting is dependent on how this region is stimulated. This fleshy part of the vagina is stimulated by positions aimed at hitting the wall or gentle touch. The pressure and speed you apply should also be dependent on how fast you want your partner to squirt.

The Lips

The lips are a door to stimulation, so most foreplay activities start with gentle kisses followed by French kisses. The surface of the lips is loaded with sensitive nerve endings, and when stimulated, they send waves to the brain, which in turn releases the feel-good hormones affecting emotions and a woman's naughty bits. 

The Labia Minora

Most people think that the clitoris is the only place you can stimulate the nether regions. The labia minora is the tissue on the inner lips. When aroused, blood flow to this region increases, making it swell and sensitive to touch. 

The Nape of the Neck

The nape of the neck has numerous nerve endings that make it sensitive to touch. However, not all people get neck stimulation. Ask your partner to gently graze this area with their fingers or the tip of their tongue. Your partner should stop below the earlobe to get the most out of this experience.

The Bottom Line

We all have a list of sensitive spots that we wish our partners would focus on before an erotic session. Women's bodies have a ton of zones that, when stimulated, can result in mind-blowing levels of pleasure. However, to find these regions, you have to explore your body any time you can. Discover what feels good, and focus on the areas you are sure will give you the most pleasure. For folks who thought that the nether region is the only place you can stimulate for pleasure, this article has outlined various regions in the body that you can stimulate for arousal


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