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How do we know if someone is flirting?

How do we know if someone is flirting?

How do we know if someone is flirting?

Do you want to know how to flirt? How best can an individual flirt? What can one do if they want to flirt? How do you know if someone is flirting with you? This article explains how one can know if someone is flirting with them.

You should not confuse a friendly person and the one who is flirting with you. Most people have been there, and you will want to take that shot. Someone is flirting with you if they do the following: giving attention, body language, and constant eye contact. Everyone gets flirted with, and it is a good experience. When someone shows more concern about wanting to hook up with you, they might not talk about it, but it is evident how they carry themselves around you. Flirting is done by both men and ladies. This article outlines the signs s person is flirting with you.

How to know if someone is flirting.

Gives a lot of attention

Have you noticed someone is giving you too much attention than before? Speer (2017) stated that this is a sign that they have a crush on you. Because they can’t be open yet, they are unsure of what they feel about you, and they will start to flirt because it is the easiest way to let someone notice and know your intentions. When they are flirting with you, they will give you full attention. They will forego their daily routines to create time for you. For example, men will skip going to games or hanging out with the boys to be with you. If they go, then they will ask for your company. Girls will have time for you compared to their girlfriends, and how they talk and behave around you will be suggestive. For example, playing with their hair, licking their lips, and maintaining physical contact. On their phones, they will be chatting and commenting on every post. All focus is on you. 

Body language

Body language is a sign of flirting. According to Crouch (2016), flirting is a subconscious emotional feeling, and at the time, the body has to react to them. When people start to behave differently than usual while around you is a sign they are flirting. They will increase their physical contact; for example, they have their arms around you or cover up the space between you when walking together. Significantly, the person has a crush on you. A person flirting with you will exhibit different body language than friends or family members who have chilled body gestures. Girls will lick their lips, sitting posture, and play with their hair. All these are a suggestion of how someone exactly feels about you.

Maintaining eye contact.

We should not confuse a friendly person with the person and a flirting one. A person flirting will have constant eye contact because they are so interested in you, and maybe they like what they see. Bunglowala & Bunglowala (2015) explained that eye contact is a capable influencer of affection. Maintaining eye contact is a love language, and when one exhibits such shows, they are flirting. People in love maintain eye contact as a sign of love, and this is a surprising sign that someone is flirting with you.

Getting deep 

People get deep with those they love. When you notice people become free with you, they will give more information concerning their lives in advance, then is a true flirt. It is a sign they are attracted to you. People are flirting with you when they go deep by caring and getting concerned about you. They want to know more about you and are ready to be friends with your friends to be around you. They keep the conversation more connected and intense; they have a deep chat and make you know they are interested in you. You can have a best friend with whom you have deep talks and chat, but not like a person who has a crush on you. It will increase your connectivity and bond, making you happy.

Shower of compliments

Who will not want to be complimented? Dweck (2015) stated that compliments boost someone’s self-esteem and make them feel appreciated. Imagine having a bad day then, on your way to work; someone gives that supper compliment. It will automatically change your mood throughout the day. When people constantly compliment you, this is a subtle sign they are flirting with you. You can differentiate between a compliment from a friend and a crush. Their compliments are exaggerated; they will notice and compliment the tiny unnoticeable things. Constant talks about smiles and perfume; they are flirting.

Single tag

When you are attracted to a person, all you will do is be clear on your relationship status. People flirting will make it definite they have a crush and are interested in you. Having a conversation and getting a person to mention they are single from nowhere is definite; they are flirting. It is to make it known to you they are not hooked up. It is a subtle sign of flirting.

Excited to be with you

While flirting, you should think about other people’s feelings, too; do not be self-centered. Yager (2018) explained that flirting is good and has a satisfactory feeling. Who will not want to feel good? Flirt, but do not flirt with everyone for fun. Do not keep throwing flashy smiles, and give seductive glances for enjoyment. A flirting person will enjoy being around you. They will be relaxed and composed when with you. It is a good flirt sign. 


Flirting is good; with the above clues, you will be able to identify a flirting person and know how to react. Also, not all people flirting with you have genuine intentions. Be aware of those who want to play with your feeling for fun. If you notice that someone is flirting with you, it is your choice whether play along or ignore it. Do not fall into the trap of those people who want to satisfy their sexual desire or boost their egos. Flirting comes naturally, and it should not intimidate you.


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