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How To Spice Up Your Sex Life – 100 Ways To Rekindle The Spark

How To Spice Up Your Sex Life – 100 Ways To Rekindle The Spark

How To Spice Up Your Sex Life – 100 Ways To Rekindle The Spark

Is your sex life on the verge of collapsing? Maybe you or your partner is no longer feeling the heat you had initially and is looking for alternatives elsewhere. Luckily, to save your dwindling relationship, here are 100 ways to rekindle the spark in your bedroom.

At the beginning of any relationship, things are always hot and catchy. You are always attached to your partner and feel lonely any time they go out. However, as time moves, your sex life starts getting boring, and the bond becomes loose. The lost intimacy is caused by several factors, including sex monotony, life stresses, changes in priorities, and just natural loss of interest.

It is frustrating when you are in the mood for steamy sex, but your partner is not. While numerous ways can help revive sex life and get a new spark, learning about the causes and addressing each issue individually can give the best results. As such, here are 100 ways to rekindle the spark and ways to spice up your sex life.

Start with The Basics

Learning about simple basics in your relationship can save it from collapsing in the future. Yes, your partner may change along the way even after understanding what turns them on and what they dislike. However, mastering the following basics can help rekindle your sex life whenever you start noticing some holes:

  • Lighting romantic candles in the room every time you are about to get down.
  • Having intense foreplay involving caressing, kissing, and teasing.
  • Holding hands in public makes your lover feel loved and ignites the sexual feeling.
  • Give more erotic compliments whenever your partner tries to impress you.
  • Have more sex to increase your libido and arousal.
  • Give more hugs and kisses, even when not in the bedroom.

Learn to Spend on Your Partner

Surprising your partner with gifts regularly can also ignite the erotic fire and spice up your sex life. Once or twice a month, splurge some cash on them in the following ways:

  • Take them on a mystery vacation or end-of-the-year holiday.
  • Surprise them with their dream sex toys.
  • Book a hotel room or table for a night for two.
  • You can reorganize your honeymoon again.
  • Buy some erotic lingerie costumes and role costumes.
  • Visit an adult shop together and help each other in choosing the best adult tools.
  • Get them sex magazines.

Try Overcoming Your Hard Limits

When both partners get used to normal bondage games, they are likely to be bored with their sex life and lack creativity. In such situations, lovers should try to go beyond their hard limits and introduce new toys and ways to have a sexual encounter. Here are some ways to change your bedroom antics:

  • Buy new sex toys such as cock, nipple, and clit bondage toys.
  • Try wearing an anal plug during sexual intercourse.
  •  Visit a strip club together and learn new strip teasing skills.
  • Buy sex furniture and pillows as position enhancers.
  • Try having sex somewhere that you risk being caught, like a public toilet and bathroom. This creates anticipation.
  • Record your sex session and watch it later together to build an instant mood.
  • Visit BDSM clubs and learn something new.

Utilize the Power of Technology in Your Relationship

Technology has a lot to offer, especially in sex life. Lovers who find it hard to get aroused can use their smartphones or computers to get instant arousal. Therefore, here are ways to become tech-savvy and spice up your dying sex life:

  • Engage in sexting and share private materials such as nude videos and photos.
  • Play adult online games.
  • Use app-controlled sex toys with your distant lover.
  • Use remote-controlled vibrators to bully your partner with intense sensations.

Introduce Oral Play in Your Sex Life

If you have never tried oral play with your lover, this could be the best time to introduce it. You can use your mouth in several ways in the bedroom, but here are a few suggestions:

  • Start talking dirty whenever you are only two.
  • Give your partner some oral sex during foreplay.
  • Remove each other’s clothes using your teeth.
  • Eat and play with strawberries and chocolate.

Increase Your Romance and Become Nice to Your Partner

Steamy lovemaking also depends on several daily actions. As mentioned above, your daily activities determine how your lover will act on the bed. As such, here are some ways to make your lover think about and miss you:

  • Give them regular love poems in lovely cards.
  • Take a morning and evening stroll together, watching the sun rising and setting.
  • Take them on night dates.
  • Write and leave notes in unexpected places such as the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Drink your favorite drinks sitting by a fire.
  • Have a nice, long romantic talk or discuss your achievements.

Try Sensory Play

Sensory play also has a significant impact on your sex life as it helps in realizing your sexuality and learning more about your limits. As beginners, you can try the following sensory overload techniques:

  • Try using sex toys such as vibrators, anal sex plugs, and light bondage tools when having sex.
  • Try placing ice cubes on their bodies during foreplay.
  • Use hot candle play.
  • Introduce erotic massage such as Nuru massage.
  • Incorporate blindfolds, spanking, and cuffing during sex.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Getting out of your normal sex routine is also a plus when spicing up your love life. For example, instead of having sex only in the bedroom and on the bed, you can try it in different places such as the kitchen counter and swimming pool. Moreover, there are other ways to get out of your comfort zone:

  • Have sex in the chair or on different furniture.
  • Try new sex positions that you have never used before.
  • Have sex in the car or in the parking lot.
  • Do it in the shower or bathtub.
  • Forget about house chores and focus on each other.
  • Have sex at a different time of the day instead of only at night.
  • Reserve a night date at the hotel.
  • Exchange powers and agree to be their slave.

The Bottom Line

Spicing up and revival sex life is not an easy task, but it becomes a minor issue when both partners are ready to do it. While it feels a huge burden to rekindle the spark in the bedroom, the good thing is that the challenge is only at the beginning. Once both parties accept their mistakes and show the desire to change, their sex life flows back in place easily. As such, the above ways might not work for everybody, but at least everyone will find a couple that helps them.