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Non Physical Foreplay Techniques

Non Physical Foreplay Techniques

Non Physical Foreplay Techniques

By Ksenia Sobchak

I know…the title is a bit confusing. I wanted to write about how foreplay doesn’t always have to be physical. A lot of what foreplay techniques are is to trigger your brain to get you ready for romance. So, a simple, romantic idea can go a long ways.

So, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Ideas for MEN:

1. Do a chore, so she doesn’t have to do it.

2. Sweet talk to your her throughout the day. Tell her how beautiful she is or text her with romantic texts.

3. Surprise her by taking her out to a restaurant or somewhere she loves. (I love it when my husband does this.)

4. Lastly, and most obvious, give her a gift. This never fails. And it doesn’t have to be jewelry. Buy her something beautiful and tell her it just reminded you of her.

Ideas for Women:

Like I said before, men like foreplay just as much as women.

1. Buy something that he wants or likes. It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just something he likes or craves.

2. Maybe watch a ballgame with him. He might not show much emotion about it, but deep down he likes it.

3. Sweet talk him a little. Just like I mentioned for the men, text him throughout the day hinting at what you are going to do to him tonight.

4. And piggy backing on the last one, maybe before he leaves for work, tell him what you want to do later on. Throughout the day he’ll be thinking about this and he’ll be ready when he gets home.

These may sound like clichés, but they work. Why are they considered clichés? Because a lot of people use them, so they must mean something.

And it doesn’t take much, just use your imagination and he/she will love you for it. It’s the idea that counts.

You’ll still have to engage in foreplay teasing in bed, these ideas will just make your foreplay experience even better and get you in the mood faster.