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The Key to Orgasming Together

The Key to Orgasming Together

The Key to Orgasming Together

You and your partner can experience orgasm simultaneously during intercourse. Herein are the tips for mutual orgasms, including keeping it fun, communicating openly, and knowing what turns each other on.

It may not seem possible, but there are ways to increase the chances of partners orgasming simultaneously. It is simple to satisfy your partner while enjoying yourself with some suggestions. Below are tips to orgasm with your partner simultaneously.

Know What Turns You On

Communication is key to a sexual relationship. Your partner might not be a mind reader but a good listener. Let your partner know what turns you own, and tell them your kinky fantasies and what type of sex position makes your blood rush. According to Murphy (2004), communication requires partners to listen to what they say and note issues raised. This might come in handy when giving your partner the best. Put your thoughts on the table and decide the way forward for your sexual life because your partner can’t give you the best if they don’t know what turns you on.

 Keeping eye contact can be a great way for you to know what your partner loves, as you pleasure them carefully note their body actions for that which they can't tell you themself.

Try New Things

Your sexual experiences can get boring and predictive. It is important to stay relevant and spice your experiences by trying new experiences. Be daring and try unique sexual pleasures such as BDSM or adding a sex toy to the play. A great way to enjoy your sexual experiences is to be open-minded and ready to try anything that can help you and your partner get back on the fun train. Sex toys are a great way to spice things and can be a game-changer; they can help you reach orgasms. 

Sex toys are not for women only. Both genders deserve to feel the mind-blowing stimulation of adding a sex toy to the game. Therefore, find out your favorite sex toy to help you maintain an erection long enough for your partner to orgasm. It is normal for a partner to have difficulty reaching for an orgasm, and sex toys can be a great way to speed up the process and help you reach orgasm.

When romantic nights feel like a repeated cycle, you can try new styles and positions to keep things fresh. These new styles might help you learn what your partner wants and enjoys to give you a new perspective. Discover your partner's new and exciting spots that you didn’t know.

Communicate Openly about What Feels Good

According to Mebin et al.(2020), orgasms are a great way to relieve stress. There is no need for tension between you and your partner, be open with your partner and learn to freely express each other’s thoughts. Ensure you know your partner’s limit and tell them when you near climax. This communication is important as it can help your partner slow down or give you a break to avoid leaving them hanging. Tell your partner what arouses you to know the sensitive spots to concentrate on. Let your partner impress you with their skills as they take you to climax. Don’t let their effort go to waste; enjoy every touch of your lover because reaching orgasm entails more than physical stimulation. Reaching orgasm also entails you having mental self-awareness.

You can help yourself reach orgasm as your lover. You can also stimulate your weak spots for more pleasures.  Orgasm in women might take longer than in men; some women might need a helping hand to reach the ultimate goal. Knowing yourself and what stimulates you is a great way of reaching orgasm with your partner. Some women stimulate the clitoris for orgasms; this is possible when having intercourse. Therefore you can help yourself by stimulating your clitoris using your free hands or using a vibrator as your partner nears Cumming.

Manage Expectations

The pressure of impressing your partner and giving them your best might be a lot. There are other ways to enjoy sex with your partner apart from sexual pleasures. Althof (2006) states that the fear of underperformance might be the main cause of premature ejaculation.  Care about your partner’s sexual experience by stimulating their erogenous zones. Some men may fail to cum during sexual intercourse due to stress and anxieties. Observe the symptoms and help solve them. Ridiculing a partner with such a condition affects their performance negatively. They may develop more issues due to more stress.

Some women do not reach orgasm because their spots are insensitive. This may be due to menopause. You can help a woman improve her sexual desires by changing her diet.

Keep it Fun and Exciting.

Let your sexual experience be fun and involving for you and your partner. You can do this by introducing interesting, naughty games during sexual activities. These games are a great way to help you experience a mind-blowing orgasm with your lover while sending an occasional chuckle during intercourse. There are different sex games designed for couples. You can search online and find interesting ones. Learn about the games before employing them to avoid messing up. Connan (2010) states that BDSM is a kinky play employed during lovemaking. The plays include pet plays and bondage games, which may be dangerous. You can include them to make your sex life exciting. Ensure to inform your partner about them before introducing them. Focus on making things more exciting between just the two of you and finding out what arouses her.


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