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The Mile High Club: What It’s Really Like To Have Sex on a Plane

The Mile High Club: What It's Really Like To Have Sex on a Plane

The Mile High Club: What It's Really Like To Have Sex on a Plane

By Ksenia Sobchak

Sex on air! Some people have tried it. Some just fantasize about it. But it is hard to know how the Mile High Club really feels like unless you have tried it. The plane conditions are far from sexy. There is dry air that leaves your skin dry. There is limited leg space to move around. And the turbulence can leave you fearing for your life. Besides, in most cases, you are sittings just next to a stranger or young children. Yet most people who have joined the “mile high club” swear by its hot experiences.

Many people from celebrities to married couples, random strangers and even cabin crews have had airplanes sex.  According to our research, what makes airplane sex so hot are the close quarters, the anonymity and the limited timeline in which to pull it off. In a plane setting, you are mostly just inches away from strangers who you know nothing about; the only available chambers of business are the lavatories which have almost no room to play and you have a less than 10 minutes window to pull it off. Hence the adrenaline involved combined with the extra arousal from limited oxygen sets your body burning.

However, while there are thousands of people who have succeeded in joining the “mile high club”, many have failed miserably. And even though it is not illegal, getting caught can be shameful and attracts a lot of frowns from the other passengers and crew. So we thought if you want to succeed, we would come through for you and give you a few tips on how to successfully enjoy sex on a plane.

Tips to Pulling of Sex in a Plane

Red-Eye Flights are the Best

If you are looking to join the mile high club, then you want to take advantage of the long-distance flights that are almost empty. Most people will tend to drink and fall asleep once the cabin gets dark. This gives you plenty of time and a bit of ‘privacy’ to do your business.  If the flight is international, then you want to take advantage of the attendant’s break immediately after the first meal is served. Take your meal, wait for the front cabin lights to go off and then proceed. There will be no attendants going around minding your business.

First or Business Class is the Best Way to Go

Most of the people who pull of sex on the plane are mostly those seated in the first or business class. This is because they have more room for play and their lavatories tend to be more classic and spacious. It is more difficult for the economy class because there are way too many people. Moreover, the lavatories near the economy cabins are cramped and definitely not ideal for more than one person. However, it is important to keep in mind that airplane bathrooms can be opened from outside so you have zero privacy whatsoever. But this is what makes this kind of sex so thrilling!

The first-class bathrooms also have showers which set you on for hot shower sex on air. Imagine that!

You have to be Discreet

The Mile High Club: What It’s Really Like To Have Sex on a Plane

One of the reasons why many people get caught is because they are too noisy such that it alerts the attention of other passengers. To pull off uninterrupted airplane sex, both you and your partner need to be extra quiet during the act and don’t behave so guilty once you step out of the bathroom. Fix your clothes and hair beforehand and wash your face to make sure you look proper and orderly.  While one or two passengers closest to the bathroom may give you a jiggle, make sure that not many people get to know your business otherwise it can turn embarrassing very quickly. If you are flying solo and want to play with your toys just for a moment, make sure to choose extra quiet vibrators. Also, control your moans and love yourself in the silence.

Choose the Right Position

This is highly important particularly because the position determines how loud or quiet you are. This is not a time to go trying new styles. According to our research, the Chairman style is the most recommend. So as a guy, you sit on the toilet seat and let your partner sit on you facing away. This gives you an easy entry point and stability to thrust slowly and silently. You have about ten minutes to reach your climax above which you might start raising suspensions. But you can choose any other position that fits you best.

Hand-jobs and Fingering may be your Best Bet

The Mile High Club: What It’s Really Like To Have Sex on a Plane

For some, the plane bathrooms are just not practical. Whether they are too small or you tend to feel claustrophobic when in small closed places, you don’t have to entirely do away with airplane sex. Fingering and hand-jobs can be delivered in the comfort of your seats without you having to make the awkward walk to the bathroom. Simply cover yourselves with the blankets and unbuckle your seatbelts. You can then reach beneath the blankets for each other’s sweet spots and play. Let him give you a discreet fingering to ecstasy as you give him a wilding hand bang. You will cherish these moments once you come back for air. But be sure to be extra discreet and in control of your emotional and physical responses to avoid arousing suspension. For as long as you are not bothering other passengers, the flight attendants will not be in your business, at least to our experience.

Come Prepared

The Mile High Club: What It’s Really Like To Have Sex on a Plane

Some join the mile high club out of sheer chance. You are sitting next to a really attractive man or woman, you are both drunk and somehow one thing leads to the other. However, for most, it is a fantasy that they are dying to fulfill. If you are among the latter, then our advice is that you come prepared for the deed. Think of a short and light dress and crotchless tights to give him easy and unlimited access if you plan to finger and do hand-jobs. Wearing light also means that you get to have quicker sex if you happen to do it in the bathroom or seats. Also, have your discreet toys and sex lubricants ready to use from under the blankets or in the bathroom, it’s all your choice.  Bring condoms to ensure you have safe sex especially if it is likely to do it with a stranger. For seat pleasure, ensure that you also bring wipes and maybe a small towel to clean up after you get each other to the sweetest spots of nirvana.

Consider a Private Plane

This is for those completely shy to have sex in public but want to join the mile-high club. Don’t give up, you can find a private plane and have your privacy in the air only with the pilot locked in the pulpit. There are airlines, especially the small ones that specialize in romantic getaways. Hire for yourselves an hour or two to enjoy and fulfill your pleasure fantasizes. We hear orgasms up there is the true definition of nirvana!