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True Life Stories - How She Brought Spice To Her Sex Life

True Life Stories - How She Brought Spice To Her Sex Life

True Life Stories - How She Brought Spice To Her Sex Life

By Ekaterina Mironova

We all adore a little sex advice whether it's to try new things or to bring the spark back to our relationship, there's no better hobby than the quest for the ultimate orgasm.

However many advice gurus give the advice but don't follow up with real life feedback after their advice has been put into practice. This is where I intend to break the mould, not only do I practice what I preach, I also talk to others that do too, and this is a real life account of what happened when one woman wanted to show her husband how bondage and anal could spice up their failing love life.

'With busy lives, children and full time careers I felt our sex life was becoming less of a priority as time progressed. My husband although attentive and eager to please didn't have too much experience when adding extras in the bedroom. The majority of the time we had straight vanilla sex in such a routine, that I'd tick away the seconds in my head as every action was completed. Kiss, choose a position, have sex, come, cuddle for two minutes and return to daily life.

During my teenage years I had a few lovers who saw sex as a life choice rather than an extra-curricular activity. This meant they explored every single angle from BDSM to anal to swinging. Although sometimes I felt uncomfortable as the trust wasn't there with them, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the bond between my husband and I would make these experiences magical.

However he was quite nervous and sceptical worried about being useless, or not living up to the prowess of partners before. Yet I reassured him that expertise is not important, only a willingness to please (which he already excelled at).

Starting gently I prepared our bedroom, placing tights, music, lubricant, handcuffs, feathers and oils to hand. I tied his hands with scarves so he could escape if he tried hard enough, and blindfolded him with some thick denier stockings as I've found these give more coverage and less chance for peeking than usual blindfolds.

Once comfortable, I rubbed myself over him, initially fully clothed, giving a dry humping sensation through his boxer shorts and my panties, I kept us dressed until I was aware of his arousal. Removing his underwear and my bra I began to drip cream from a height, allowing the coolness to surprise before the delight of my warm tongue lapping it from his naked body. I then switched to a silky lubricant, gently rubbing it in his chest, stomach and thighs, making sure I didn't touch his penis or scrotum.

Putting a generous amount on my cleavage I then shared the lubrication as I took his penis between my breasts and gently rubbed up and down. His groans were becoming louder.

Then without warning, I straddled him backwards, allowing him to suddenly enter me at the deepest spot. As I sought gratification using his member to massage my G-spot, I began to experience tiny orgasms that delighted him further.

As he's always been staunchly against using his bum for playtime, I became a little naughty. Donning a finger condom, I made my hands slick with lube as I took him in my mouth, exploring his perineum at the same time. As his panting increased and his breath became shallow I gently slipped my finger into his behind, pressing firmly on his prostate gland as he exploded. The results were incredible, he needed a good five minutes to recover and now declares that my finger found an 'on" button, that has awakened him to a whole new world of sex!"

Please see the next article for how he returned the favour!