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Aftercare is something that should not be left out during the process of making out with your significant other. Some of the reasons why aftercare is so important to include; are that it makes you feel so special and appreciated feels safe, and brings a positive experience.

Just like making out with your partner is an important part of your sexual life, aftercare should always be included in your sex life. You may do all the right things with your partner, but in the end, things turn negative. It is because you have not given them the care they feel you should give them after the whole activity. It makes aftercare an essential part of the sexual life of couples. Make your partner feel like they are wanted and appreciated. Do not get into having sex with your partner and leaving or turning your back once you have an orgasm. Care for each other and show them that you love and appreciate them.

Reasons Why Aftercare Is Important

Feeling Reassured and Safe

Ansara (2019) explained that when engaging in the BDSM activities, it is always important to give your partner the aftercare, especially the submissive partner. It is because most of the time, they may come out ashamed or even embarrassed of the things they have done in the bedroom while making out with you. It can be evident when the both of you did nasty things just because you were horny, or they just wanted to fulfill some of your kinks and make you happy. It is always great for them to feel cared for and appreciated in your hands. Once they get that feeling, you are guaranteed that they will want to do that activity with you in the future as they know that they are safe in your hands and you do not judge them. The fact that your partner is giving themselves wholly to you and opening themselves up physically should make you know that they trust you and the little you can do is reassure them that you love them and that they are safe in your hands.

Creates A Great Bond with Your Partner 

Russell & Blackburn (2020) explained that making out with your partner will make you feel connected to them in ways you never thought existed. However, even great sex can turn out terrible at the end of the activity if you do not make your partner feel loved through the aftercare. When you are done making out with your significant other, the important thing that you are supposed to do is cuddle them and make them feel loved. Do not be distant from them because you have already reached your climax and orgasm. It is the best time you can bond by taking care of them by preparing them a warm bath or just the little things like cuddling.

Makes One Feel Special and Appreciated

Thomas et al. (2017) explained that when you make out with your significant other and leave when you are done having sex without even feeling like they are supposed to do something, it will always rub you off the wrong way. However, you will feel very special and appreciated when you care for them after making out. It will bring about the feeling that they were not just there for sex but you. It is always amazing to get a partner who wants and cares for you when you have sex together.

Avoid The Negative Thoughts After Sex

Ponnikas et al. (2018) explained that most are when one engages in sexual activities, and after making out with your partner, you end up having regrets or just some negative feelings about the whole ordeal. There are ways to avoid their partner feeling this way, and giving them aftercare is the best solution. With some great aftercare, you are guaranteed that your partner will get to bury the feelings they may feel as they will experience some love from you and feel desired and wanted.

Aftercare tips are different, and what may work for you may not necessarily work for another person. So, you need to know what your partner prefers. Some of the ways you can show your significant other some great aftercare include;

Ways To Show Great Sexual After Care

Catching Some Breath Together

After making out, you will likely run out of energy and breath. Instead of turning around from them and scrolling on your phone, you can always lie next to each other and catch some breath together. You don't have to say anything, but your presence there will make them feel loved and safe.

Be Touchy To Each Other

Touching each other comprises different aspects. You can kiss, strike your significant other's hair or back, or even cuddle. You can either talk to each other, listen to some music, or breathe next to each other. Being touchy with each other will make you bond and connect.

Create A Space for Some Feelings

While most of you are lying next to each other, you can always create some room where you can talk about what just happened when you were making out and if both of you are comfortable. Be expressive of your feelings and if they are something you can keep up with. Giving out the space for one to express themselves will make them feel loved and appreciated and get the reassurance they may need.


Doing all the right things when making out with your partner and forgetting the aftercare will always be a turn-off. Most people want to feel valued and loved; it is always about the reassurance that they are cared for and appreciated that one will always look forward to. When someone has given themselves out physically, and they have even gone out to the extent of doing things to please you, it is always great if you show them the love and reassurance that you are there for them and appreciate them.


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