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Sexting is the best way of staying connected with your long-distance partner. Below are 10 explosive sexting tips that will help you keep things red-hot, including being direct, creative, and short and sweet.

Levine, D. (2013) defined sexting as the process by which one share sexually suggestive pictures and messages through mobile phones or media. It is a new skill that most people rarely talk about, yet it is important for spicing modern relationships. This article will help you know and understand why sexting is a beautiful thing and how you can navigate the whole process. Sexting is amazing regardless of how long your relationship is. It is the best way of injecting excitement and erotism into your relationship anywhere and whenever you feel like it. There is a lot of transition in messaging and many ''social media platforms.'' Lucky ones can master the sexual nuances of texts because they can keep their relationship deep and their partners happy. Below are some discussed best sexting tips. 

Be Direct

If you are too vague, fuzzy, or shy with language, you will lose a lot of impact. This is because what may have been lip-biting and juicy moments will be lukewarm and flat. Many nuances are lost via text communication unless you know each other perfectly. 

Be Descriptive

Providing sensual, clear, and sensory descriptors usually drive your feeling home. Eliciting the senses from potential future or past experiences is the best way of turning your partner on. Recap all the hot memories and tell your partner what you want in the future. 

Keep it Short and Sweet

You don’t need to write a novella. Keep the sexting punchy, concentrated, and easy to digest. If your partner can preview the message when their screen is locked, they will have a quick smirk or shiver while checking the time in a meeting or running their errands. If your partner is in a professional context, they may want to hide the reaction from the rest, which is erotic. On the other hand, if your partner is in a casual context with trusted people, they will probably talk about you when the friends ask why they are grinning.

Ease Into it

Don't rush to the hardcore stuff if you have not tried it before, have not met up with the person, or have made a flirting comment. Keep in mind what you want to achieve, making the whole process have an organic and safe feeling. 

Personalize it

You can try making comments about uniqueness. Everyone loves the feeling of being sexy, special, or in someone’s mind. Sexting is the only great way of evoking the feeling. Take note of what turns you on, be it their sexy noises, mannerisms, shared moments, outfits, or what they say. Use the list as the key points for your sexting.

Be Creative

Take advantage of the modern trend in texts and multimedia options to increase the efficiency and impact of sexting. Hashtags, pictures, GIFs, memes, and emojis are the most colorful ways of communicating in texts since they express richer feelings and ideas in one text. It may also communicate creativity, intelligence, or a sense of humor or which is an addition to a supercharged attraction. You may also find various websites that offer ''X-rated porn GIFs” when you reach the super saucy moments.  

Avoid Using Offensive Language

People have different definitions of the word offensive. Some people do not like words such as fuck, pussy, slut or cum, or being overly aggressive, while some go crazy about it. However, if you are the one on the conservative side, you will probably push yourself even if it is hard. However, avoid being vague or too plain, or you may evoke the response. 

Don’t Send Bad Photos

Try casual and softer lighting such as lamps. Play more with side angles, silhouettes, and other indirect techniques. Sometimes allude to sexual things like pulling your shirt down close to the nipple or with your hands down the pants. 

Avoid Sending Unsolicited Dick Pics 

There is no rule on when to send your first unsolicited pic, but it shouldn't be before making love severally. Berndtsson & Odenbring (2021) claimed that sending unsolicited dick pictures can be sexual harassment. Therefore, avoiding it is best. Besides, there are so many opportunities to arouse her using words. The opportunity for sending dick pics will come automatically. 

Avoid Messaging Them at the Wrong Time

Be sensitive to what may be happening during the day or the entire week. It might feel out of place and weird sexting when someone is dealing with difficult issues or stressed out. You may never know what they are going through, but be mindful of their settings and experience. 

The Bottom Line

Sexting is the best way of keeping a relationship burning. It can shake things even if your partner is miles away from you. Beginners might find sexting weird, but they have to take things slowly and know when to do it with their partners. The above-discussed tips are best to help anyone sharpen their sexting skills. 


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