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7 Basic Tips On How To Be A Sex Toy Tester Or Reviewer

7 Basic Tips On How To Be A Sex Toy Tester Or Reviewer

7 Basic Tips On How To Be A Sex Toy Tester Or Reviewer

If you ever dreamt of testing or reviewing sex toys on your blog or YouTube and even turning it into a paying job, herein is a starting point. Many product testers and reviewers are making a living enjoying the orgasmic experience of sex toys reviewing fetish equipment. However, sex ads are always discrete, and it may be hard to come across one. Nonetheless, with a little preparation and research, you can join the ranks of these reviewers and get paid. That said, here are basic tips on how to be a sex toy tester or reviewer.

Since the film's premiere, "Fifty Shades of Gray," couples have had second thoughts on the taboos associated with sex toys, with many wanting to incorporate something kinky into their sex lives. The film revolutionized the sex toy industry, and today, brands are paying huge salaries to consumers who are willing to join their teams of sex toy product testing and or reviewers. That is because manufacturers are looking to get deeper insights into consumers' thoughts about their newly developed products.

Besides, sex toys are intimate products that are designed with consumers' best interests at heart. And that's why before manufacturers ship their newest products into stores, consumer opinion is paramount. And with the companies behind sex toys and fetish equipment looking to saturate the market and take advantage of the current demand, it is as good a time as any to get into the adventure of sex toy testing and reviewing. And while that is possible, can you turn this adventure into a career as a sex toy reviewer? In this article, we shall take a closer look at the basic tips on being a sex toy tester.

Sex Toy Testing: The Road to Getting Paid

Frankly, this isn't an adventure you would want to brag to your future employer about. However, the role has its perks. It is one of the jobs you can take for love as opposed to money. In the corporate world, product review and testing could earn you anywhere between $3 to $500 per product, depending on your niche. In contrast, sex toy testing can earn you at least $100 per product. And while it is not a full-time job, you can accrue up to $40,000 per year, including bonuses.

Others would argue this amount doesn't give you a half-decent lifestyle; I would refer you to the statement earlier that this is the sort of job you take for the love of it. But there is more. Companies such as Durex or Lovehoney let you keep the sex toys, not to mention their huge bonuses and the job satisfaction you get from being paid to orgasm. There are plenty of side jobs you can take up. But if none interests you, how about venturing into sex toy testing and reviewing? If you are looking into this grind that involves testing adult toys, fetish equipment, and lingerie for passion, here are basic tips to get you started and make something off of it.

1. It Is Not A Full-Time Grind

For starters, understand that sex toy testing isn't a real job (everything considered). Becoming a professional adult toy tester isn't a nine-to-five job that you will be required to do. What these sex toy manufacturers do is occasionally ship out a handful of sex toys and sex lubricants to selected product reviewers. If you get lucky to be one of their few reviewers, you will from time to time be required to get into a room with scented candles, soft music, and a variety of sex toys.

Essentially, this task is not enough reason to ditch your day job, unless otherwise. Moreover, sex toy companies often rely on staff to test devices, especially the contingent from the customer service department. And while at that, numerous sex toy manufacturers rely on in-house employees to do that during their spare time.

2. Create A Profile and Choose an Online Panel

The first thing to get started with sex toy reviews is affiliated with online panels specializing in this adventure. Also, it is worth noting that companies use varied selection criteria. Some use market research platforms to find employees, others post job interviews directly for clients to apply, while others are enticed by a review blog post you wrote and would wish you to do a review for them.

Nevertheless, having a profile and choosing the product you would like to review can do the trick, regardless of the selection criteria. If you get lucky and the company decides to interview you, you will get email communication. However, others want to test your credibility and send a product in the email you provided, which usually takes between 3 to 5 business days. If that is the case, write the review as soon as possible and respond.

For most manufacturers, it is vital to have a community or forum account to submit reviews. Your account might be considered for sex toy testing or review if they get more social media traction.

3. Select Your Product(S) Of Choice

Once you have created a profile on your online panel of choice, select a product you would want to test or review. Most panels avail several items that you can choose from this is one of the first steps of how to become a sex toy tester. And while at it, consider taking ones that you genuinely have an interest in. That is because you will do a great testing or review job if you enjoy using the product.

4. Write A Comprehensive and Practical Review and Submit

Essentially, what online panels want is your thoughts on the product's usability they have sent you. As such, seek to express your thoughts via the review by addressing how the product works, its efficacy, as well as any concerns consumers may have. Generally, if you create a thoughtful and thorough review, you have a better chance of being considered for future product reviews.

5. Strive to Be Unique or Original

Here is how you achieve that. Choose a product that has fewer online reviews. Browse to see what people are doing online and settle on a unique or newly developed product. Remember that it will be harder for companies to send you testing and product review opportunities if a lot of reviewers out there have worked on it.

6. Expand Your Scope on Social Media Platforms

One reason a company would be enticed to use your community account for a product review is your social media outreach. And while you may be lucky to test products for them, try to be more proactive on your social media where audiences can access your reviews.

7. Search for Multiple Manufacturers

Don't stop there once you have been selected as a sex toy product tester or reviewer by one company. Your aim should be to create a name and expand your horizons. And testing products for multiple manufacturers is one way to do that.

The Bottom Line

Bored with your day job and need some side gig? Well, you could take up a driver job, a cleaning, or a freelance gig. But if none of those interest you, why not take up sex toy testing and review. How do I become a sex toy tester? This is has been answered in this article and it's a work-from-home gig that anyone would love to do. It is one of the adventures you would find pretty satisfying in the sense of sexual pleasure, plus some companies pay you product-based bonuses as a much-needed financial incentive. Essentially, you will get paid to orgasm.