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Orgasm is the discharge of sexual excitement accumulated during sexual response. About 10% of women have a condition of not having an orgasm. This condition is called anorgasmia. Most of these women struggle too much to get to climax though better orgasm can be achieved through masturbation. Other women experience orgasms when not expected. Even if they are not sexually aroused or have engaged in any sexual activity, it could have.  Persistent genital arousal disorder is a non-fun aspect of having an accidental orgasm.  Women who feel more discomfort than pleasure are likely to suffer from accidental orgasms.

Orgasm means pleasure and fulfillment, but some women experience no relief from their orgasm, making them feel like they are spinning out of control. This may end up becoming difficult to get your mind around the orgasm concept. An accidental orgasm might discomfort women experiencing it as some can't even sit down in a car without orgasm. Imagine having your kids and parents in the same car then, oops! You are there. Does it feel like a happy moment? Maybe you are with your partner alone, then it is understandable, which might be a different case.

Understanding Accidental Orgasms

Accidental orgasm usually happens to women with sensitive genital areas and breasts. The accidental orgasm might give you a little pleasure, but it often does more harm than good because it does not follow any pattern of desire and satisfaction. Women with constant accidental orgasms are in a state of arousal. This makes it difficult for them to concentrate. The relief experienced after the climax is usually short-lived. Most women in such a state have an undying urge to masturbation

Men who marry such kinds of women don't experience the pleasure of getting their partner turned on. That could cause relationship straining problems in cases where your man needs help in getting arousal. Arousal disorder brings about the following:

  • Being out of control.
  • Feeling no need for sex anymore.
  • The constant throbbing between the legs
  • Persistent fullness of the genital area
  • Constant need of having an orgasm.
  • Constant masturbation

Causes of Accidental Orgasms

Sometimes spontaneous, accidental orgasm can be triggered by friction on the clitoris that can make you cum. Some of the ordinary things that might cause an orgasm include the following:

  • Horse riding
  • Wearing tight clothes
  • Riding a bicycle
  • Ridding a bumpy train
  • Riding a motorcycle

Some women find the hand-free orgasm quite enjoyable. These orgasms are always not as strong as those produced when having sex with your partner but are typically pleasurable.

Types of Orgasms


The gym is one of the common non-sexual places where most women have orgasms while exercising. Studies show that many people fantasize about meeting partners at the gym. Abdominal exercise seems to be the trickiest workout exercise that has the magic for you to experience orgasm. It is best when done from a captain's chair (if your gym has one).  It happens when you put your arms and back against a frame as you raise your legs repeatedly, so you are doing upright crunches. Pole climbing and rope climbing might also be orgasm-inducing exercises.

Sweet Dreams

Wet dreams are classified as accidental orgasm though some people think of themselves with a specific mental image. Just as men can have a wet dream, women can experience orgasm when asleep. Some will realize it wakes up and enjoy the moment, while others will sleep through it unknowingly. When women are dreaming, whatever they dream of, whether sex or not, can cause blood to engorge in their genitalia. This is the exact thing that happens when you wake up and find yourself aroused.

Spontaneous Orgasms

When women sit on something that vibrates, they tend to have an orgasm in a nonsexual setting. The vibration alone is enough to stimulate their clitoris to orgasm. Most of the people who experience such might already have been feeling horny, and that's why they got to climax much easier and quicker.


Yogasms are done best when the muscles around the genitals are strengthened. It is more of doing Kegel exercise only when combined with breathing. Once you start engaging the muscle down there, the tissues found around the G-spot swells leading to orgasm.

Thinking About Sex

Study shows that when a woman starts to think of her breasts and genitals, she automatically gets aroused. Simple thinking about sex can lead to orgasm. Even if it cannot give you an orgasm, it can be sexually active. Some women use controlled breathing while they are busy thinking of erotic thoughts. This will help them to climax easily. This is because the breathing you do when thinking off creates an altered state of consciousness.

Is Accidental Orgasm Fun or Annoying?

Women experience different orgasm. Some feel like they would cum anytime; hence they need to walk with extra underwear for changing. This is because of the wetness on their genitals that's may cause stains and bring discomfort when in public. Such women always feel like their sexuality is out of control, and they can't do anything about it. Such experience makes it hard for them to get orgasm. When a woman fails to do anything when experiencing genital disorders, she eventually develops an accidental orgasm. It can happen in any place at any time, which might be embarrassing.

The state of arousal accompanied by genital arousal disorders is often painful and may be accompanied by swelling and burning sensation. Some women use ice packs for the cooling effect though it only provides temporal relief. Some women enjoy having an accidental orgasm as they find it in fun surprise. Well, to some, they may be misunderstood, which makes them join a support group to speak out freely. Nevertheless, to those that feel it annoying, you can visit a gynecologist if the problem persists.

The Bottom Line

Some women are more inclined to have spontaneous orgasms than others are. While they can be a nice, fun surprise, they can also be annoyingly intrusive. If you are in a small group of women with unwanted accidental orgasms, speak with your gynecologist about persistent genital arousal disorder and think about joining a support group.