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Erogenous Zones for Women and How to Use Them

Erogenous Zones for Women and How to Use Them

Erogenous Zones for Women and How to Use Them

By Elena Ognivtseva

Well well guys welcome to our basic course on things I reckon are the basics to sex. You may disagree with me, in fact most of you will, but after all I am a lady and I should know best. Women tend to be more aware of their erogenous zones, this is likely to be because we get more pleasure from foreplay than we do from the sex. We insist on you exploring our bodies before intercourse. I know that you guys don't love foreplay and therefore this article should help you locate the erogenous zones and get her as horny as hell so the fun for you can begin! You many be surprised at exactly how many erogenous zones that women actually have ! You have to make sure you learn and remember them all.

We are going to talk you through all of the erogenous zones in this first article, in my second article I will talk about exploring and using these erogenous zones to get exactly what you want. It is imperative you LEARN these hotspots and REMEMBER them because they become essential in the art of love making.

1. Her Head.

The head and the hair can have amazing effects in the early stages of foreplay. She may not even think you are trying to get her into the mood until she feels too horny to stop herself. When the scalp is massaged endorphins are released, this makes her feel horny and relaxed. Great ways to turn her on include giving her a shampoo while she takes a bubble bath, then gently rub your hands through her hair making sure not too tug to her hair too hard as this will completely ruin the moment

2. Her Ears.

Whatever you do, make sure you do not go and stick your tongue right down her ear so you can feel the taste of her ear wax on your tongue. Trust me she DOES NOT LIKE IT. What you should do is nibble the top of her ear lightly and kiss the top only, trust me she will love you for it.

3. Her Lips.

Read my article on how to give your partner the perfect kiss, the lips if touched correctly will send shivers down her spine and begging for you to kiss her again.

4. Her Arms, Hands and Underarms.

Try very lightly stroking the underside of her forearm and wrists with your fingertips or gently raking them with your fingernails, make sure not to dig in. her hands are especially sensitive because they usually never get touched with any care or attention. Lightly run your fingers over the hands and in between the fingers.

5. Her Breasts.

The breasts are the obvious zone that men aim for. They go zooming in for them as if it is the first pair they have ever seen. My nipple then gets sucked so hard it feels like I have been breast feeding for the last 6 years! CALM DOWN GENTLEMEN! By going rushing in you are ruining all the excitement and pleasure that the lady could be feeling. The most sensitive part of the breast is usually under the cup. Gently cup the breast in your hand and stroke under the rim with either your tongue or your finger. Slowly, (I SAID SLOWLY GUYS!) make your way towards the nipple. With your mouth roll the nipple around and with a spare hand also start to massage under the cup of the other breast.

6. Her Stomach.

Wow! This area is a goldmine that many men miss. The stomach is so sensitive and so near to that area (vagina) that she eventually wants you to get to. Take one of your fingers and slowly and gently draw circles on her tummy and around her belly button. Place your hands on her waist just below the ribs and gently but firmly move your hands down the inner contour of her pelvic bones, toward her genitals -- but stop before you get there. Don't forget also that when you are performing cunnilingus gentle massage or tickling of this area with your spare hand is sure to send her over the edge very soon.

7. Her Legs.

Inner Thigh, Behind the Knee and Ankle. These three areas make up some of the most sensitive parts of her body, NOBODY touches these areas, they love to be touched, just try it.

8. Her Feet.

A foot massage may not sound attractive to you but to us girls its probably the equivalent of a blow job! How feet get hurt, battered and bruised in those gorgeous but too tight shoes we wear and all the days pains can be released if you are sensitive and DON'T TICKLE, this irritates, not relaxes.

9. Her Genitals.

That would be her vagina and the surrounding area! Her clitoris is the most sensitive spot to focus on with your tongue and fingers and can result in orgasm. This areas is obviously of major importance and that's why I start the next section with a detailed look of this area.

The erogenous zones are not the same for everyone. Your ex lover may have wriggled with joy as you nibbled her ear but your new lover may be thinking of tonight's dinner. The idea is to explore your partners body, every nook and cranny. You will soon find out what turns her on and it is likely to be in one of the areas above! Now that you have the roadmap to her areas, go exploring and don't get lost in the jungle!

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