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When And How to Use Inflatable Sex Dolls

When And How to Use Inflatable Sex Dolls

By Elena Ognivtseva

Inflatable sex dolls are toys designed to offer the experience that closely feels like being with a real woman. The dolls come in different shapes and sizes, making the selection process a bit complicated but something you have to go through. Take a moment and go through the guide on how to choose an inflatable sex doll to ensure that you get a doll that is right for you.

When And How to Use Inflatable Sex Dolls

Once you have your toy with you, it is time to indulge in the good time that you have been looking forward to. Sex dolls vary in size and the openings that are available as well as the extra features that differ from one toy to another.

Fill it Up

Most damage that befalls the inflatable sex doll is related to the pressure that is within it. Excessive inflation makes the seams weaker and weaker, and finally the doll succumbs to the pressure and rips in some places.

When And How to Use Inflatable Sex Dolls

When you inflate your doll, always ensure that you take care not to put excess air into it. During inflation, fill up most of the doll and then leave it to rest for ten minutes or so. This will allow the air to spread even within the doll, and then you can fill it up. This simple technique will ensure that the pressure on the doll is just right, reducing the chances of the seams ripping.

Lubrication Of Inflatable Sex Dolls

Inflatable sex dolls are usually made of different materials, from vinyl to latex. The material composition of sex dolls determines which lubricant will be compatible with the doll. When purchasing the doll, always ensure that you check which lubricants are safe for use with the doll.

When And How to Use Inflatable Sex Dolls

The wrong lubricant will degrade the composite material of the doll and cause it to degenerate. This degeneration makes the material weak, making it susceptible to rips and tears which lead to the toy serving you for a shorter period of time. This leads to frequent replacement of the dolls which becomes a very expensive habit.

Play Time With Your Inflatable Sex Doll

Once you have the lube on hand, it is time for play time. First lube up your penis with a generous amount of the lube and then using your fingers, lube up the tunnel of the doll that you will be indulging in.

When And How to Use Inflatable Sex Dolls

Place the doll in the desired position and indulge in your play making sure that you do not exert too much pressure on the toy as this would cause the seams to rip or tear. For those that prefer a warm up session before starting off, indulge in a little foreplay with your doll to enjoy the fantasy of being with a real life girl. This gives your play a better feel and ensures that you get even more creative as the play goes on.

Positions To Try With Your Inflatable Sex Doll

Some inflatable sex dolls come already set in a certain position. However, most dolls inflate to full size in the normal straight position. These dolls allow you the chance to get creative with various positions that allow you to exercise your creativity and imagination during play.

When And How to Use Inflatable Sex Dolls

Holding the doll with its back against the wall, you can engage in a hot and steamy session of stand up sex. In addition to being intensely fulfilling and easy to maneuver depending on the weight of the doll, this position exerts minimal pressure on the doll.

The old school and popular missionary position is the go to position for most people. However, this position exerts so much pressure on the doll especially if you place your full weight against it during play. To ease the pressure, you can indulge in this position with your elbows braced against the surface. This transfers most of your weight to your arms, relieving the pressure against the toy.

If your stomach makes it difficult to access the opening of the doll especially if it is located between its legs, all you have to do is switch positions. Hold your doll above you and participate in a session of girl on top. This position allows you to indulge while also watching yourself in action.

Once you are done with your session, always ensure that you clean and dry the toy thoroughly.