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10 Sex Tips for the Best Sex Ever - How To Be Good in Bed

10 Sex Tips for the Best Sex Ever - How To Be Good in Bed

10 Sex Tips for the Best Sex Ever - How To Be Good in Bed

By Ksenia Sobchak

If you want a full and exciting sex life you shouldn’t only worry about knowing all the Kamasutra positions, you should also be interested in practicing good manners in bed; health also gives you the opportunity to have a more satisfying sex life.

Good habits in your sex life lead you to have "happy sex", in other words, pleasurable sex, free from pressures or concerns, the kind that puts a big and completely honest smile on your face for hours.

Did you ever learn in school that you need to wash your hands before eating or brush your teeth before going to sleep were considered as healthy habits? Well today, tuguiasexual.com wants to show that in sex good habits also apply.

So what are the good sexual habits?

A good sexual habit is that sexual practice that protects you and your partner from an undesirable consequence in the future because of sex, and they are also all those actions that together help you enjoy sex in an integral manner, to live as we say here in Tuguiasexual.com: healthy sex, full and responsible! As you deserve it!

Check this list of healthy sexual practices, compare with your current sexual practices, moreover, if you can print it out and make sure to cover all these points from now on in your sex life.

Sex Top 10 Good Habits

1- Stay informed. Being informed and educated on issues of sexuality not only gives you ideas to enjoy sex, it also gives you a sense of confidence to know what you want, what you can, what you should and shouldn’t do in bed. Remember: Every good lover stays informed!

2- Intimate hygiene is essential and basic! Avoid unnecessary problems maintaining an optimal genital hygiene. Apart from washing your genitals every day when in the shower, remember to avoid products in that area, except the ones that may be recommended by your doctor. View our article Intimate Hygiene to learn more about how you should groom this special area of your body.

3- Know yourself! Sexuality is primarily, something personal. So before going to bed with someone else, know yourself first. Learn to see you naked, learn the ways of your body and how it reacts to different stimulations. Learn to distinguish what makes you feel comfortable and what doesn’t. This way you get to the sexual relationship as a couple more confident of what you want and more available to enjoy, because you'll feel less inhibited.

4- Learn how to set limits. If you want to stay with the famous smile the rest of the day, you must first know your limits and then learn to mark them so you don’t feel pressure to do something for your partner or perhaps something you're not sure of.

Don’t forget that you are the one that controls your sex life.

5- Well used contraceptives and in hand! Birth control is our help to live “happy sex”. If you use it is because you are not planning to have children at this time. And since you took the big step of buying them, be sure to use them as intended. The condom, the pill, IUD, female condom, vaginal sponge, vaginal ring, contraceptive injections, implants of progesterone, among all others, require a specific technique to use which you should know. Never use them without doctor's approval, because otherwise, it can be dangerous (very dangerous) for your health!

6- A ball over there, a smudge, wart, pimple, odor or unusual discharge from the other side? NEVER stand in doubt whether or not to be normal. Before any change in your reproductive system causing you fear and / or insecurity do not waste time pondering the question in your head, pay a visit to your doctor!

If it is something that endangers your health, you will receive proper treatment in time and if there wasn’t anything wrong, you’ll know for next time!

7- Exercise! Exercise is not just for those who want to lose weight, improve shape or compete for a medal. Exercise is your right hand in life, and in sexual matters, too! If you exercise regularly, your body will thank you.
Besides giving you an incomparable sense of well being, you’ll have better lung capacity, better endurance, more encouragement and energy, without doubt, elements that serve you well in bed! On the other hand, exercise helps you get in a better way to adulthood and cope better with the hormonal changes your body will experience.

8- Loyalty. Fidelity is a good sexual habit not only reduces the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease, but also because the emotional connection you accomplish with your partner is much greater in this way and that allows you to enjoy sex with more serenity and create a complicity in sexual terms between the two, which will lead to the bed with high confidence, excitement and peace.

Be smart and cut out any possibility of catching an STD as far as you can and gain the bonus of not having to experience the tension, stress and remorse of conscience, to know that you are with someone else and your partner may find out!.

9- And after sex what? If you thought the sexual habits are exclusive to perform before sex, you were wrong. For example, women are advised to urinate after sex to help flush waste of semen and prevent urinary tract infections. Men are advised that after the intercourse, they should also clean the penis of fluids to prevent odors that might appear later....

10-  A shower is always welcome before or after intercourse, both to clean the sweat and other body fluids, give a good smell to and revitalize your skin and also the delicious water. In particular, the shower is an excellent sex habit, if the woman is menstruating; this will clean the external genital area and remove any possible undesirable odor. It is also important before and after anal sex as well to eliminate any fecal bacteria that can or have come into contact during anal sex, well, it is extremely important and SHOULD NOT BE MISSED, especially in the boy, to shower if he wants to practice vaginal sex after anal sex.