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Learn About Her Body - Sex Foreplay Techniques

Learn About Her Body - Sex Foreplay Techniques

Learn About Her Body - Sex Foreplay Techniques

By Tatyana Dyachenko

In this day and age many couples and individuals will try anything they can to rekindle their sexual desires. There are exercises that can be done which involves, gentle touching, caressing and the exploration of each other’s bodies. This touch and caressing is another way of learning the different erogenous zones and where each individual likes to be touched.

We learn about our body and our partner’s body through the art of foreplay.

Ok, we are relaxed and eager to start, but first before we begin you will need to talk about your sexual inhibitions, your feelings, any anxieties or expectations that you have, then ask your partner, to agree that while you are both trying to rekindle that flame that there will be no penetrative sex and it will not be an issue whilst the rediscovery of your relationship is taking place.

This next step if for you on your own whether you be male or female; begin by gently touching and stroking your naked body, perhaps get comfortable in a warm relaxing bath, in bed, on a blanket in front of the fire (if it’s winter), on a bean-bag, in a warm soothing shower… use a soothing body lotion, soap lather or a water based lubricant massaging it gently over your body…

Thinking about your sexual feelings listen with your emotions, your sense of touch as your fingers glide over each part of your body, touching lightly as you concentrate on your self… make a mind note of what feelings whether they be emotional or physical that arouse and stimulate you through your sensual journey.

Once you are aware of your own feelings and feel that you are confident through self-stimulation and sensual massage it is time to try these techniques on your partner. Now to do that you really need to be comfortable, and I am talking to both of you, not just one individual… You will need to find the right time and place and once again you both need to be willing to allow the sensual exploration to begin without the act of penetration happening for now…

Just a quick reminder - is the phone switched off???

With the atmosphere set introduce your partner to massage oil, lubricants or lotion of your choice and remember to start slowly with no other goal in place except for sensual relaxation between the two of you and a feeling of good that comes when two people enjoy each other.

Think back to how you felt when you were performing your own self-stimulation and what caresses and gentle touches aroused and relaxed you and have your partner try them, encourage him to make you feel good… Take it in turns touching each other and don’t forget to ask your partner what relaxes him/her too and remember to go slowly at all times, this process is not to be rushed…

Gently massaging, caressing and touching stimulates sexual and sensual desires and unless you both feel that you need to, avoid touching each other’s genitals. This is an art or exercise that allows you to get to know your partner’s body. You both don’t need the pressure of sex to be an issue at this moment so don’t feel pressured or allow yourself to be pressured by your partner to rush through these exercises you need to progress gradually.

When it is time you both will know when you are ready, you can then proceed by gently touching and caressing each other. It’s a nice feeling to have fingers brushing over you, lightly touching like a feather, caress each other’s genitals with a desire that turns you on, not rushed, you need to be in tune with what you both feel is natural and your sexual desires. While you are practicing the art of rekindling your relationship remember to tell each other what it is that turns you on, what part of your body you like touched… You both need to work together and talk softly to each other…

Keep up these exercises for as long as it takes for you to be comfortable with each other, sex is an important part in your relationship, but it is not the most important part so remember that penetration should not necessarily be the end result of every sexual encounter.

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