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Storm Sex – Does Thunder And Lightning Make You Frisky?

Storm Sex – Does Thunder And Lightning Make You Frisky?

Storm Sex – Does Thunder And Lightning Make You Frisky?

Do thunderstorms make a perfect excuse for you to get under the sheets? In all honesty, winters and rainy days are the perfect time for couples to have sexual relationships. On the other hand, some people are frightened by thunder and lightning; hence, here are all the facts about storm sex you need to know.

A survey showed that over 83% of Americans think sex is much better during the cold seasons. People tend to associate extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms and lightning with a time when relationships blossom. Hence, some are fascinated with rainy days and thunderstorms, in particular, more than they care about sunny days.

Some people find storm sex fascinating in that they get an overwhelming feeling to have sex in such severe weather conditions. Scientifically, experts have put forward some theories to explain that. For starters, rainy days, windy nights, thunderstorms, and lightning mean you will have wet weekends indoors doing nothing. On the flip side, the raindrops pattering the roof provide the perfect backdrop to get down between the sheets, not to mention your craving for warmth.

Others get busy all week doing activities that push sex to the bottom of things they would rather do. And having to stay in-house in the backdrop of a storm makes a perfect excuse to have sex. That said, do you find thunderstorms and lightning a turn-on? This post will examine why people get frisky more often on rainy days, including the benefits of having sex when it is freezing outside.

Sexual Relationships and Severe Weather

You have probably heard a colleague say their relationship has blossomed, and the chances are that it coincided with winters or rainy days. It is not an isolated case. Most couples enjoy their bedroom highs when the weather outside is looking like an apocalyptic end. Others are fascinated with such extreme weather and say it adds flavor to their sexual relationships because it is a perfect opportunity to introduce unusual kinkiness.

Moreover, a 2019 study revealed that having sex during cold seasons keeps viruses and bacteria at bay. People's immune systems get weaker during the rainy season. Researchers found that having sex more frequently is positively correlated to enhanced production of immunoglobulin A in the body, an antibody that boosts our immunity. Therefore, getting frisky during the cold weather is a perfectly good thing to do.

Also, folks take sexual advantage of the rainy season to get warm. Like hurricanes and tornados, storms and lightning could cause destruction to the electricity grid and power lines, hindering the power supply. This is the time when people get stuck at home with no electricity and nothing else to do. This is the time when cuddling is readily welcome, and your spouse can keep you warm. And you are more likely to take things a notch higher and enjoy the comfort of having sex in cold weather.

Other Facts About Storm Sex

It Is the Perfect Season

Think about it. Dry seasons can get extreme to the point that people get sweaty even without trying. In most cases, sex is pushed down on the list of priorities. In contrast, the cold season might give you some reluctance to get out of bed, and so is your partner. This is nature's perfect gift to relax your mind, and body and give pleasure to your partner.

It Is Human Nature to Become Fragile in Disasters

First and foremost, storms are a form of raw energy from nature visible to the naked eye. And depending on their strength, we can see them rip things apart. For some, this is a dreadful sight to behold, and they have developed a phobia for storms.

And as you would expect, natural disasters push humans to rethink their existence, our humanity, fragility, and even death. Thunderstorms aren’t necessarily the end of the world, but it is natural to be led to spend 'last moments' procreating. Essentially, extreme weather conditions can affect us in intense ways, and it is scientifically proven that temperature has a crucial influence on our health.

People Are More Attracted to Cold Weather

The cold season is not a fashion season. That is, fewer people feel obligated to hit the streets dressed scantily or get poolside dawning bikinis. This is when people tack away in their bed or couch and don't get out as much. And they must; they strap up in warm clothing. Therefore, men and women are less likely to see each other's bare skin. And according to experts, the scarcity of bare skin creates desire. This is probably why you are getting unusually frisky with the stormy or rainy season.

Cuddling Promotes the Production of Oxytocin

The rainy season is characterized by little or no sunshine. The body may suffer from vitamin D deficiency, which increases the risk of depression as people are less energetic and don't move around a lot. But cuddling is a handy way to generate heat. Besides, it excites the oxytocin hormone (happy hormone) that heightens sexual attraction.

Women Enjoy Better Peaks During Winters

A Dutch-based university researched women's probability of orgasming concerning weather changes. The study established that women enjoyed a 25% higher chance of climaxing when having sex in rainy seasons than in normal circumstances.

Your Partner’s Figure in Wet Clothes

Another reason you develop the sudden urge to get frisky in cold weather is seeing your partner in wet clothes. The human frame, especially covered in wet clothes, can be a source of sexual arousal. Your partner is likely to look more sensual when drenched in wet clothes. This could be the trigger that gets you going.

The Bottom Line

Aside from the basic need to cuddle for warmth during the cold weather, several triggers can enhance your urge to get frisky with your partner. From folks appearing more attractive during winters to women’s enhanced climaxing in rainy seasons, most people feel the need to introduce their kinkiness when the weather outside is extreme. And it is no coincidence that most relationships blossom during the cold season.