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Let us face it. Normal can get boring. Having one partner and doing the same activities can seem like a boring routine. You can spice up your sex life by being in a polyamorous relationship and having an open relationship.

The number of infidelity cases has risen, and couples now have relations with other people besides their partners. To curb this, people resulted in delving into modern relationships. Most couples have gotten to the extinct state where they are not growing and are unwilling to explore different sexual fetishes. This results in people looking for crushes or just a partner that would like to explore more outside. Modern love encompasses people from different backgrounds. The rise of the LGBTQ family has also played a major role in people speaking up about what they fancy. Some of the non-monogamy relationships include;


This is a consensual relationship where one desires, fancies, or falls in love with multiple people. They also engage in sexual activities. There are two types of polyamorous relationships. 

Closed Polyamory

Cardoso et al. (2021) noted that this relationship involves couples who have decided to invite someone into their sex life. The partners agree to invite one person into their sex life but cannot take another one. The three individuals are committed to each other and cannot get into a relationship with another person outside their union. 

Open Polyamory

Couples agree to invite one person into their sex life. The one invited is not fully committed to the couple and can have a relationship with another person outside the relationship.

Open Relationship

This relationship involves couples agreeing to have more than one sexual and romantic partner. It may be from both genders. People seek to be in an open relationship if they want to explore their sexuality, aren't getting sexually satisfied, or miss the fun of dating different people. Most couples are into open relationships because they want to bring in different sexual activities and try them with their partners. The other relationships formed should only be casual. One can have sex with different people, but it should not lead to committed relationships. Different people, including married couples, dating couples, and singles, have adopted the idea of non-monogamous relationships. 


This is the act of couples exchanging their partners and having sex with them. Couples in a monogamous marriage get a lot of pressure to meet their interests and needs. They might agree to invite a familiar couple and try different sexual activities. This strengthens a relationship as lovers can learn about their different sexual interests.

Advantages of Non-Monogamous and Modern Love

Exciting and Contrasting Sexual Experiences

One gets to experience what they have never explored with their partners. Some couples are used to having one sex activity and style each time they want to have some fun. This can seem like a general routine, and it gets boring. Inviting someone into their bedroom can come in handy. The person may come with different sex styles and fetishes to spice up their sex life and make it more exciting.

Free to Explore Themselves

According to Díaz-León (2017), people have different sexual activities that they would want to try out with their partners, but due to various reasons, they are unable to. Some couples are always afraid of being judged by their significant other. Some are afraid of how their partners perceive them when they mention the different fetishes they are into. Having a new person on the side can be helpful as one can try the different activities that they have always visualized and fancied without the fear of judgment.

No pressure    

If you fancy a certain activity or toy being used on you and your partner cannot fulfill your needs, the other party can cater for what you to be achieved. You can also involve the other party to learn from them and how you always want it done.

Improved Communication  

Both partners can know what their other partner loves and desires. To be in a non-monogamous relationship, you need to sit down with your partner and discuss what works and what does not work for you. You should also discuss your sexual fantasies and fetishes. Your partner will then decide if it is something they are willing to do for you. They can agree for another party to enter the relationship and fulfill these desires on their behalf.

Pursuit of New Sexual Experiences      

You get to learn about the different sexual activities present in modern love. You might have been used to missionary sex in your entire relationship. Being in a non-monogamous relationship will make you want to explore more than there is to know. You might even bring it into your relationship and explore them with your partner. 


Cheating scandals are so shameful. Instead of getting into such shameful acts, it is better to sit down with your partner and communicate what needs to be changed and how you want your sexual needs to be met. If you can not fulfill your partner’s sexual needs or desires, be open to inviting other people and try to spice up the relationship. Do not get bored in a relationship that makes you fantasize about different sexual activities, yet you can invite someone who will cater to your sexual interests. Remember, to make better is to change, and to be flawless is to change often.


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