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Better Sex Tips, Improve Your Sex Life

Better Sex Tips, Improve Your Sex Life

Better Sex Tips, Improve Your Sex Life

By Ksenia Sobchak

It’s no secret that many couples experience a drop in libido after a while. When that happens, they embark on a search for the secrets to a better sex life.

Having a better sex life doesn’t require you to obtain special equipment or learn extraordinary erotic techniques. The experts say those who are mentally fit and physically sound can expect to have good sex lives.

After all, if you feel physically well about yourself, then you are automatically in a better position to feel positive about your relationships, and that includes your sex life.

Here are a few practical tips for having a better sex life:

Eat Right and Exercise Regularly

This seems so obvious, but it’s not something that everybody seems to have topmost in their mind.

A poor diet will lead to health problems that can get in the way of satisfactory sex.

Looking at it the other way around, eating right will improve your health status and help you experience better sex. In other words, you will feel positively sexy if you feel and look good.

A balanced diet and regular exercise go hand-in-hand. For most people, the American Council on Exercise recommends 20 to 30 minutes of moderate effort a day. Staying in good physical condition is like getting your regular fix of a natural Viagra.

Exercise promotes the release of hormones that improve aerobic capacity and muscle strength, and have roles in sexual arousal. All these come into play, of course, when you’re between the sheets.

Therapists say those who exercise regularly tend to have a heightened level of mental wellness and confidence, plus a greater ability to reach orgasm, thus deriving better sexual satisfaction.

Slumber Time

This is one secret that not too many people are aware of. A National Sleep Foundation (NSF) poll showed that moods can be affected by the amount of sleep.

Those who get less than six hours of sleep are more likely to easily feel tired, stressed, or irritable than those who sleep more than eight hours. So, if you feel tired, stressed, or irritable, can you expect to have good sex? Remember: Lack of sleep is a damper.

Take It Easy

Relax. Satisfaction is all in the mind.

If your mind is cluttered with pressure from work and family, or wound up tight because of hang-ups and unable to relax, then you won’t get the full satisfaction from sex.

In fact, you might not have good sex at all if your mind is unable to let you focus on the sexual experience.

In order to enjoy good sex, you should have the ability to let go and relax, set aside the mental baggage and just unwind. That will allow you to fully appreciate and experience better sex.

You may have to eliminate certain activities or delegate chores and drastically slash away at your schedule to make time for good sex.

All of these secrets are not secrets, come to think of it. They just seem like secrets because they’re not so openly apparent. But they all figure prominently in living a healthy life.

Indeed, eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and taking time to relax are all ingredients in the simple recipe of getting better sex.