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Tantric sex aims at having a deeper connection and enjoying moments with your partner. Some of the tips to have tantric sex include; finding a safe place, knowing your body and that of your partner, and trying edging.

Tantric sex is a form of slow and sensual sex that does not necessarily have to lead to having orgasms or ejaculating. Some people experience difficulty in orgasm even after being sexually stimulated, while others have premature ejaculation by producing semen just after penetration or during sexual intercourse. In contrast, others have difficulty getting an erection. In such cases, having tantric sex comes in handy. They will not have the pressure but will get to connect with their partners without the need to please them. The tips that one can adhere to during tantric sex include;

Read Ahead and Be Informed

One should get information about what tantric sex involves and how you can go about it. The information you get will help you know what to expect when you get into it and how to start it out. It also helps you be prepared mentally and avoid the pressures you might have set for yourself.

Prepare Your Mind

Make your mind relax by trying yoga and practicing meditation. According to Scott, D. (2013), yoga and meditation help you clear your mind and have a relaxed body. Focus your mind on one specific object or think of an object. This will calm your mind and make you have some peace. It will help you reduce stress and improve your relationship with yourself or your partner. You can then dive into tantric sex with a clear mindset. You will be able to connect with your body, soul, and mind because you have been able to relax your thoughts. The energy you get should transfer and be spread throughout your body by meditating.

Explore Your Own Body

Try masturbating and discover the areas that please you to bring some fulfillment and orgasms. Touching yourself sensually will not out-rightly give you some orgasms, which is not what you should aim for. Instead, you may get to connect deeply with your body. You may get aroused by just your touch.

You can also try to explore your partner's body, that is, if you have one. Try sensually massaging them to awaken their feelings. By physically touching them, you may get to know their sexual needs and desires and what awakens them sexually. 

Find a Comfortable Place

Find a place that you will feel comfortable in. Take off some light or make it dim so that you focus on a particular thing. Start by putting on some music that will relax your mind. The music will take your mind away and make you focus on one particular thing: exploring yourself sensually. Fill the place with some scent that you love. Make the scent the one that gives you the aura that pulls you sexually. The temperature should be comfortable for you. A cool temperature is ideal since it will make you warm.

Set Some Time Aside

Tantric sex needs to be slow. You have to enjoy every moment. You should make sure you have set enough time aside for this to happen. You will fully engage at the moment and enjoy the whole experience by doing this. You are likely to experience and achieve some orgasms if you take your time well.


Edging is the process of controlling an orgasm in sexual stimulation. According to Chia, M. C., & Arava, D. A. (2002), one can control their orgasms and experience multiple of them before ejaculating. When you feel like you are about to achieve an orgasm, you should stop with physical touch or simply slow down the moments. Try to think about what got you that excited. You can go back to touching yourself faster if you want to get some orgasms again. You should pay close attention to what made you feel like orgasming and check the comparisons of what led you to and the pleasure you felt.


Less Pressure

Tantric sex releases someone from expectations they had set for themselves or their partner. This is because it does not aim at one achieving their orgasms. When having tantric sex with your partner, you are not under any pressure, therefore enjoying the moment and the sensations you get by exploring each other.

Releases Distractions

Tantric sex helps individuals get rid of their mindfulness and focus on their present moment and feelings. As one meditates, they get rid of the external issues affecting them and focus on what they want. This helps in allowing the sexual energy to spread through their body.


One can connect with their partner and have a heartfelt sense of closeness. They can get to know each other's sexual needs and desires. Some of your desires are fulfilled more than when it was the normal sex.

Builds Self Esteem

People with sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are satisfied. They get to experience sexual pleasure without the need to achieve an orgasm. Most times, they end up reaching orgasm through tantric sex. 


Sex does not have to make you achieve an orgasm for it to be successful. If you fail to achieve your sexual desires, you should try tantra sex on yourself or your partner. Tantric sex encourages one to focus on their mind and body for them to connect with their sexual desires. Ensure you enjoy the moment without having any expectations. Slow sex will help you know what sexually arouses you and how you want to be aroused. Furthermore, trying it with your partner will help you build a connection physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually, boosting your intimacy.


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