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Foreplay can be thrilling and exciting for partners because of the passion, suspense, and anticipation of what's to come. Learn the tips on making your woman scream with pleasure, including reading her body language, complimenting her, and talking dirty. 

Many delicate parts of a woman’s body need to be teased to make her squirm, more than just licking her clitoris. Women can be complicated at times, but when you are pleasuring them, you will get the correct response as long as you are doing the right thing. This article equips men with ideas on how to give their women oral pleasure that will undoubtedly astound them.

Go Slow

Women value effort when you are pleasuring them. Starting things off quickly may not give them the satisfaction they desire since that is not how their anatomy works.

Take in Her Whole Body

Women have several erogenous zones. Start with whatever bits she enjoys being stroked, kissed, or nibbled, and take note of her responses as you work your magic. 

Read Her Body Language

Read and be keen on how her body responds to your touch, how her toes curl, or how she arches her back.

Ask What She Likes

It's useful to know what your woman enjoys, whether you're in the middle of a romantic meal for two or in the heat of passion.

Warm Her Up With Your Fingers

Touch her with your fingers once you’ve worked your way down. Apply a feathery touch to her labia and both sides of her clitoris. 

Use a Lube Designed for Oral Sex

A good lube will make your fingertips glide over her body as you warm her up. She will also have an awesome taste when you put your tongue on her parts.

Move Her Panties to the Side

Do this to gain access to her crotch, making her squirm in pleasure. The sense of urgency heightens the intensity of the sensation. 

Compliment Her

As much as you appreciate her appearance, remember to compliment her genitals. Tell her what attracts you to them, why you want them, and how delicious they are.

Use Your Breath

Include your breathing sensations to tease her and see if the anticipation will make her groan.

Pull Her Panties Down Slowly

Tease her by stalling before removing her undies. With your mouth, pull it down as you take it off. After a few bites, she'll be begging for more.

Talk Dirty

You should use your mouth for more than just talking. Sneaking in a few nasty or sexual remarks while pleasing her genitals can make the experience much better.

Gently Open Her Lips

Most women are self-conscious about their vulva. They question if it's strange, unique, or disgusting. Take her in and show her that her most vulnerable bits are attractive.

Put One Hand on Her Pubic Bone

You can apply pressure to the pubic bone and gradually draw back the hood over her clit, to potentially reveal her clit.

Put Your Hands on Her Bum

It is sexy to hold her butt while performing oral sex. This makes it easier to change her pelvis angle while using your mouth.

Spread the Love

It becomes extremely sensitive when you devote your attention to one area, verging on pain. Change it up and make full use of your tongue. 

Go Slow

Your lips and breath make a good combo on her labia. Kiss and nibble her inner thighs. She will enjoy every small touch, hence heightening the sensations.

Prop a Pillow Under Her Hips

Doing this may not only benefit your neck, but it can also assist her in angling the hips for a more pleasurable oral play. You can always remove it for a change. 

Use Your Tongue

Try circling your tongue gently around her clitoris, clockwise and counterclockwise. You can also try moving up and down on both sides or top to bottom.

Forget Your Game Plan

A woman loses interest when intercourse becomes goal-oriented rather than pleasure-oriented. Furthermore, if you try your best and she still can't orgasm, she'll think something's wrong with her.

Remember the Golden Rule

Think about all the things you adore when she goes down on you. If she nibbles and sucks you, then there is a high possibility she loves that too. Use those skills to give her mind-blowing pleasure.

Don’t Forget Your Fingers

Many ladies enjoy one or two fingers inside their vaginas while their clitoris is being licked and sucked. This approach might have her squirming from a mixed orgasm.

Find Her G-Spot

Move your fingers up her vagina until you find the G zone. Apply gentle pressure as you suck on her clitoris using your finger pads.

Try Some Ben-Wa-Balls Or Vaginal Beads

Beads and balls are internal sex toys that provide a sense of fullness. They can put more pressure on the g-spot, resulting in deeper, longer orgasms.


Press your mouth on her clit and make low, groaning noises. This profound vibration drives some ladies insane and arouses their inner demons.

Use a Vibrator

Some women can only climax when they're extremely turned on, so introducing a vibrator to your oral play will help them get to orgasm.

Try the Lady Godiva Oral Sex Position

Sometimes, getting into the right posture can breed strong orgasms during oral sex. The Lady Godiva oral sex position has one sitting on your face while they control the tempo.

The Bottom Line

Mastering your woman's bedroom demands is one of the easiest things to do, yet it appears to be the toughest chore for most men. Some women are brave, and they will tell or show you precisely what they want to be done to them. Alpha males take on the challenge of figuring out how to drive their female partners insane in bed, making them a woman magnet. However, not every woman will shriek in response to the same method. Investing your time to get to know your woman is essential for a successful sexual encounter with her. Follow the tips listed in this article, and you will have your girlfriend infatuated with you.